Zorkaberries are a type of berries from Starfire's homeworld, Tamaran.


Zorkaberries are purple, bitter-tasting berries similar in size and form to terrestrial blueberries. For Tamaraneans, they are a popular delicacy, though this may be a taste for humans to get used to. It is not known how and under what conditions these berries grow in Tamaranean nature.

Zorkaberries are known to be one of the ingredients used to make Glork Supreme.


Silkie presented with a bowl of zorkaberries.

Though apparently harmless to humans, the zorkaberries had an unusual effect on the mutant larva Silkie. After consuming the berries in "Can I Keep Him?", he grew from a size of about 3 feet to a grotesquely massive ten feet within seconds.

It was revealed in issue #37 of the Teen Titans Go! comic series that the zorkaberries, along with pepperoni, are Silkie's favorite pizza toppings.


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