Wrong Place, Wrong Time is issue #48 of Teen Titans Go!.


Killowat (incorrectly spelled as "Kilowatt" throughout the comic book) is accidentally pulled through a time portal that leaves him stranded in the present, and the Titans must find a way to return him to the future. Raven and Herald open an inter-dimensional portal and the Titans have to find which alternate world to send him to. One reality is ruled by the Teen Tyrants, their evil alternate counterparts, and opposed by the Brotherhood of Justice, the good alternate counterparts to the Brotherhood of Evil.


Killowat has been a Teen Titan in Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy's universe for some time now. He came into their world when Raven heard his cry for help from his dimension and pulled him into her's. Now, Raven thinks she found a way to send him back, but she makes a mistake and sends him to the Teen Tyrants' universe. There he is ambushed and taken to their base.

Raven realizes her wrong doing and teleports the Titans to that universe, where they are defeated by the Tyrants. However, the Brotherhood of Justice comes in and defeats the Tyrants, allowing the Titans to escape with Killowat. Raven brings the Herald and together they open many portals. Killowat spots his universe, a dark and cold looking place. He sees his fellow Team Titans battling Slade's army, so he jumps in and Raven locks the door. Killowat was finally at home.




Cultural references

  • Red Arrow was shown quoting "Be very, very quiet! I'm hunting rabbit!", a reference to the trademark catchphrase from Looney Tunes character Elmer Fudd.



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