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Quote1.pngJust load up on the carbs, because we're going to need the speed of Hermes and the strength of Hercules for this....Quote2.png
―Wonder Girl[src]

Wonder Girl is an Amazon heroine, a Honorary Titan, and Wonder Woman's younger sister.

Character history

Wonder Girl appearing in Teen Titans Go! #36

Animated series

In the Teen Titans animated series, Wonder Girl appears in cameos during the episodes "Homecoming - Part 2", "Calling All Titans!", and also appears on one of the DC Nation Shorts "New Teen Titans- Kids Corner 4 Kids" but never makes any actual appearance in the series because the creators could not secure her license. Her background of how she came into contact with the Titans therefore remains unknown.

Wonder Girl in a cameo in "Homecoming - Part 2".

Teen Titans Go!

Wonder Girl's history is more fleshed out in the Teen Titans Go! comic series. She makes her first appearance in issue #36 when she helps the Titans free their female members from the schemings of the Gordanians and Blackfire.

In issue #39, she was called into action when Larry, in his zeal to make all Titans just as happily linked together as Robin and Starfire, stole Eros's wings, bow and arrow and played Cupid. After fending off his arrows and depleting his supply, she captured the little imp and presented him to the Titans, making him apologize for his rash actions.

In issue #54, when the Teen Titans take a trip to her home Paradise Island, they witness Wonder Girl having a contest to see which heroine could be the perfect partner for her sister. When a girl named Cassie Sandsmark comes to challenge her, she denies it. But Wonder Girl saves her from an attack by Trident, and soon afterwards Cassie learns to respect her.


Despite only appearing in 3 issues of the Teen Titans Go! comics, Wonder Girl's personality is quite written out. She is very energetic and positive; most of the time she is seen with a smile on her face. She is also good at solving problems, and seems to have an aura of leadership within her (example: when Robin and Speedy were clashing ideas, she stopped them with ease). Wonder Girl is also all about doing the right thing.

Powers and abilities

As the younger sister of Wonder Woman, Donna shares much of her powers. She possesses vast superhuman strength (though not quite at the level of Wonder Woman), speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. She is also able to mystically fly through the air through act of will. Because she is an Amazon, she has amazing skill in both armed and unarmed combat. Like Wonder Woman, she carries a lasso and wears a pair of indestructible bracelets. The lasso does not compel others to tell the truth, but it is infinitely elastic and can be used to bind even superhumanly strong and durable opponents. In addition, the bracelets can be used to deflect both projectile and melee attacks.


Teen Titans

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New Teen Titans shorts

Teen Titans Go!



  • Wonder Girl appeared in the original Teen Titans cartoon in the sixties. There has been many versions of Wonder Girl; this version, however, seems to be based off of Donna Troy, Wonder Woman's younger sister and the first Wonder Girl.
  • Due to licensing and legal issues, Wonder Girl only appeared in two cameos on the show, without even having a full appearance. However, she did appear in the comic book.
  • In "Calling All Titans!", when Robin is testing the Titans Communicators, Wonder Girl was seen in the northeastern area with Menos, Lightning, Hot Spot, and Bumblebee.
  • She is the fifth and last of the first original Teen Titans to be introduced in the animated series. Robin, Aqualad, Speedy, and Kid Flash were introduced in this order before Wonder Girl made her debut in the comic "Troy"--coincidentally also the first and only moment when all five are together at the same time.
  • She eventually appeared again in the 2013 spinoff series Teen Titans Go! to be part of the episode, "The Bergerac" and fell in love with Robin during the episode and only that specific episode.
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