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The Witch is a denizen from an ancient time and a circumstantial enemy of Cyborg and Sarasim.

Character History

The Witch was a denizen from a time even before Sarasim's birth. Krall, an ambitious warrior in Sarasim's tribe, desired to be seen as a hero and thus win the affection of Sarasim (perhaps in the intent of making her his queen). Somehow he found out about the Witch, who had been placed into suspended animation (presumably for some major atrocity) by magic, and woke her up.

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The Witch's summoned monsters

The conditions of her release stated that the Witch had to serve her liberator's will, and so she did; but she was a very reluctant servant, and whenever possible, she twisted the intentions behind Krall's every command as a subtle way of expressing her unwillingness. Upon his desire to be made a hero, she periodically summoned hordes of alien creatures for Krall and his tribesmen to fight; but the creatures were physically more capable than the humans, and despite the latters' stiff resistance, they were slowly pushed back. Before another battle, Krall demanded that the Witch sent him the strength to defeat them; the Witch responded to this by pulling Cyborg from his own time and stranding him in the midst of the battle. After some reluctance, Cyborg assisted Sarasim and her tribe and, much to Krall's chagrin, was made Champion in his stead.

After another invasion in which Cyborg proved his mettle, Krall decided to get rid of his competitor the way he had been brought here. He took Cyborg to the Witch's cave, where she offered to return him back to his own time. But just as Cyborg prepared to take the step, he realized Krall's true colors and challenged him in combat. Finding himself outmatched, Krall demanded that the Witch give him more power; she did so by having several of her minions merge with him, transforming him into a hybrid of man and monster.

The Witch's fate following Krall's subsequent defeat remains unknown. She made a cameo appearance amongst the ranks of the Brotherhood of Evil in "Homecoming - Part 2", but has not appeared ever since.

Powers and abilities

The Witch is a powerful magic-wielder specializing in conjuring. She can summon hordes of monsters, transform people into superhuman creatures through them, and transport others through time.


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