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Winterlude is issue #37 of Teen Titans Go!.


Mumbo's hat was blown away while he was robbing a bank, and ends up on Silkie, who was taking a walk with Starfire the morning after Christmas. The mascot now has the ability to talk like humans.



  • During the conversation between Starfire and Silkie:
    • It is revealed that Silkie's favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni and Zorkaberries.
    • Starfire also mentions "pickles, mint frosting and banana", which were the same ingredients she suggested in "Final Exam".
    • Captain Funk's samba remix of Ai No Shirushi and Friends (Tomadachi) were mentioned as favorite songs, both of which are actual songs performed by Puffy AmiYumi, a Japanese duo credited for the animated series' Theme Song.
  • Silkie was possibly shown wishing "Happy birthday" to Starfire. While there are no official sources on Starfire's birthday, the date (based on this issue) may be placed at December 26th.


  • While Cyborg was sleeping, he was shown to have human legs and not at his usual resting position.
  • From the conversation with Starfire and Silkie until their first encounter with the abominable snowman, Starfire's armband was missing.


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