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Secret Identity

In The Teen Titans, Go! Comics they found out that Wildebeest was a child, at which Cyborg laughed at Beast Boy because he was beaten by a kid.

Episode Appearances

Wildebeest's first appearance was in Winner Take All where he had to participate in a tournament of heroes alongside Speedy, Aqualad, Robin, Cyborg, Hotspot, Gizmo and Beast Boy. In which he beats Beast Boy in the first round, but is defeated by Speedy in the second. He then helped the rest of the heroes in taking down The Master of Games. After the battle Robin gave Wildebeest a Titans Communicator and he was made an honorary Titan. He later appeared in Trust,where he was seen running way from Madame Rouge,he was trying to use his communicater but it was broken but when Madame Rouge had beaten him it had started to work he was als seen in Calling All Titans where he was frozen in ice and he also appeared in Titans Together, where he, Hotspot, and Jinx had taken down Madame Rouge he was last seen in Issue 10# and Issue 32# Of Teen Titans, Go!.

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