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Quote1.pngWildebeest! 400 pounds of primal heroic fury!Quote2.png
―Master of Games[src]

(Adult) Wildebeest is a superhero and an Honorary Titan.

Character history

Wildebeest's origin remains unknown, and until his rather unwilling participation in the Tournament of Heroes run by the Master of Games, he made no appearances. In this tournament he met the Teen Titans Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg, independent superheroes Aqualad, Hot Spot and Speedy, and the diminutive villain Gizmo, who had likewise been drafted. He was assigned to fight Beast Boy, and won chiefly because his opponent committed a serious blunder. The next day, with Cyborg having been removed from the competition by the Master himself, he got involved in a three-way match with Robin and Speedy. His two opponents teamed up against him and brought him down, and Wildebeest was sucked into the Master's ruby pendant so that the latter would be able to use his powers for his own. However, in the end Robin defeated the Master, freeing all other contestants. Just before they returned home, Robin presented most of their fellow contestants with a Titans Communicator, making them honorary members.

Later, Wildebeest was pursued by Madame Rouge, who was after his communicator on orders of the Brain. Trapped on a cliff, Wildebeest tried to activate the communications device to call for aid, but was taken out by Rouge before he could do so; however, the communicator fell down the cliff and smashed on the ground. Wildebeest was taken to the base of the Brotherhood of Evil, where he was flash-frozen as a victory trophy, soon to be joined by Hot Spot and much later by other Honorary Titans and Robin. However, when Beast Boy led an attack on the Brotherhood's base, Wildebeest and the other captives were freed by Más y Menos and quickly joined the fight. Finally, Wildebeest teamed up with Hot Spot and Jinx against their common enemy Madame Rouge, where he got his revenge on her. After the fight he joined the other Titans in Titans Tower and later in their attempt to bring Doctor Light to justice once more.

Teen Titans Go!

Wildebeest also appears in the Teen Titans Go! comic series. In issue #32, an overenthusiastic Larry made him temporarily fall in love with his fellow Titan Argent, which was eventually remedied. Later, he aided all the other Titans who appeared in this issue in capturing Andre Le Blanc. In issue #16, it was revealed that Wildebeest was actually a human toddler, causing Cyborg to laugh at Beast Boy for losing to a kid in the Tournament of Heroes. However, he assumes "Wildebeest" form when agitated.


Wildebeest has the head of a wildebeest and the body of human. He seems to be armored with a silver plate, covering his neck and a bit of his head. He has gray fur, gray eyes, and black hair which is spiked and going down his neck. He also has a stripe of black hair going down his chin resembling a goatee. Wildebeest also seems to wear a shirt, pants with a belt, and shoes.


Wildebeest is quite arrogant and prideful. He dislikes when people forget that he is not human, and he likes to win. He even smiled when Beast Boy fell to what seemed like his end. He also hates it when people say that he smells bad. Despite his hard exterior, Wildebeest seems to truly care for his friends, like when Starfire defended him from a shot that knocked her unconscious. Seeing his downed friend angered him, and later, he carried her off to safety.

"Isn't that cute? Wildebeest and Argent are now a couple."

Powers and abilities

Wildebeest is essentially a brawler with superhuman strength and endurance. His horns can theoretically be used as weapons, but as yet Wildebeest has not employed them as such. His horns is made of a very strong material, capable of deflecting energy attacks. His strength is seen in "Winner Take All", when he was able to easily free Beast Boy's grip on him from one of his more powerful forms, the gorilla.


Teen Titans

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  • In the DC mainstream comic line, Wildebeest is actually Pantha's son. In the series, they are merely good friends, though it is strange they share the same surname (possibly a remnant of the DC comic version of their relationship). The original Wildebeest in the comics was a group of criminals pretending to be one supervillain.
  • Wildebeest finds it insulting being called a man, as he is no longer one.
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