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The Wicked Scary Monster is a titular movie monster that appeared only in "Fear Itself".

Character history

After the Titans watch the horror movie, they are awaken in the middle of the night by strange sounds, which they proceed to investigate. Once they are all gathered inside the living room, they are assaulted by the monster, which vanishes abruptly after knocking the suddenly powerless Raven aside. Concluding that the monster's appearance is Control Freak's attempt at payback, the Titans proceed to the evidence room to secure his remote control. En route, Beast Boy is attacked by the monster's tentacles and dragged away into the darkness of the evidence room, vanishing from sight. Despite this, the Titans press on, and after locating the remote, Robin divines the nature of the monster, but before he can reveal it, the monster appears behind the wall, with only its glowing red eyes shown, and drags Robin into the dark stain on the wall.

The Titans, now diminished by nearly half, explore the Tower, which eventually leads them to the basement, where Starfire is buried and spirited away by a swarm of demonic rats. As they climb out of the basement, Cyborg mysteriously vanishes, leaving Raven alone when the monster strikes again. She flees into the living room, but is cornered there by the monster, the swarm of demonic rats, and a massive shadowy crow. Vehemently claiming that she is not afraid, Raven finally admits that she has been lying to herself, which enables her to regain control of her powers and banish the creatures in a massive display of power, the effort of which causes her to pass out.

She is awoken in the morning by the restored Titans, and Robin reveals the truth he was denied to say earlier: the monster, as well as all the other creatures, were simply the manifestations of Raven's repressed fear, which, unable to manifest normally, found its way out through her powers.

Physical appearance

Usually concealed under the green hooded cape that leaves only a single glowing eye visible, once it discards it, the monster reveals a ghastly visage: its skin is sickly teal, with mouths filled with shark like teeth scattered over its sides, chest, abdomen and head, and four glowing red eyes placed unevenly on its face. It sports long, dark, messy hair growing exclusively from the lower part of its head, leaving a bald scalp.

The monster possesses two human arms, which end in claws, and a quarter of tentacles seemingly sprouting from its lower back. Despite the seeming lack of any visible lower extremities, the monster seems to be able to move remarkably fast.

Powers and abilities

While only the figment of Raven's imagination made semi-real, the monster is still quite powerful. Most of its powers consist of moving about using shadows and darkness, in ways that seemingly defy the laws of nature (such as passing through solid objects and disappearing into relatively small shadows). The monster also possesses remarkable speed and strength, able to drag both Robin and Beast Boy into shadows with little apparent effort.

However, the monster also possesses a significant weakness, which is its dependency on Raven's powers. If Raven is in any way incapacitated or manages to retake control of her powers, the monster will cease to be.


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  • The monster bears some resemblance to the concept of Tulpa, a thought form born of collective (sometimes individual) subconsciousness of a human.
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