When There's Trouble... is issue #55 of Teen Titans Go! and final issue of the comic book franchise.


Robin is abandoned by his teammates and left to defend Jump City alone; Cyborg is stripped of his humanity by Fixit; Beast Boy is forever cut off from his friends in the Doom Patrol; Starfire is attacked by her sister, Blackfire and a group of Gordanians; and Raven feels herself being taken over by Trigon's evil.

Once all five Titans have been subdued, Phobia contacts the Brotherhood of Evil to report her success, revealing it to all be bad dreams, but Silkie sets off an alarm to wake them up. Cyborg quickly updates his internal security programs to keep her from invading his mind again and dispatches her in short order, after which the Titans discuss the creation of a new Titans Tower, called North Tower, Cyborg's New Teen Titans training program, and the threat of Trigon is dismissed. At the end of the issue, Cyborg receives an alert about Gizmo and the new H.I.V.E. Five, the team then departs to the scene. This ending parallels the ending of the Teen Titans television series.




  • All persons named in the credits have an alias next to their name, showing the number of Teen Titans Go! comics they were credited for.
  • Chibis of many Titans and villains fill the margins of this issue making various knock-knock jokes and poses.
  • The ending of the series is discussed on the letters page: "It really doesn't make sense to print an animated version of a comic book when the cartoon isn't being made."



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