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"Wavelength" is the thirty-fourth episode of Teen Titans and the eighth episode of Season 3. It is crucial to the 'Cyborg/Brother Blood arc' in Season 3.


Aqualad appears at Titans Tower to complain about the "trash" in his sea, Brother Blood's new H.I.V.E. Academy. Aqualad informs the Titans he has learned from a spy within the H.I.V.E, that Blood is intending to use a new weapon based on Cyborg's blueprints to destroy the entire city. Outraged and panicking, Cyborg decides that since Blood stole his blueprints, he's leading the mission and "taking Blood down with [his] own two hands," only for Robin to refuse, pointing out that he is the only one who could shut down the Sonic Resonator.

Aqualad briefs the Titans on the Sonic Resonator

The Titans set out to stop Blood, and as they reach his new HQ, Aqualad and Beast Boy manage to defeat the Mind Control Squid underwater, at the cost of the T-Sub's destruction and a very bumpy ride in Beast Boy's mouth in his whale form. As the Titans get into the base, they review their respective tasks: Aqualad and Beast Boy are to attempt to shut down the force field protecting the Sonic Resonator, and Raven, Starfire and Robin will try to capture Brother Blood, providing a diversion so that Cyborg can get to the Resonator core and shut it down. The Titans are attacked by a platoon of H.I.V.E. Soldiers, and then split up to accomplish their goals.

Cyborg crawls through a small chute, complaining bitterly to himself, and he suddenly drops into a large, empty room, where he meets Bumblebee, one of Brother Blood's top "students" at the former H.I.V.E. Academy. After a lengthy one-on-one battle, it appears that Bumblebee will finish off Cyborg, but instead, she destroys the monitor from which Blood himself was watching the fight. She then reveals that she was the spy within the H.I.V.E. which Aqualad told the Titans about. Cyborg is still hesitant to trust Bumblebee, but in the end, he grudgingly accepts her help.

Cyborg meets the double agent

Meanwhile, Aqualad and Beast Boy are traveling down an underwater chute in order to get to the force field generator when they are suddenly attacked by an army of cyborg piranhas, and Raven, Robin and Starfire get a fix on Blood's location, but they encounter even more H.I.V.E. Soldiers than before.

Cyborg and Bumblebee, in the meantime, are trying to find the Resonator core, but they suddenly come to a halt in a two-way hall. they then start arguing about which way to go, and when Bumblebee insists that she should be the one to listen to, Cyborg argues against Bumblebee's statement and says that "it's [his] tech, [his] mission, and without [him], [Bumblebee]'d have no clue how to shut [the Resonator] down!" Bumblebee then reveals that she has read, and has the disk containing, his blueprints, and thus she knows the Resonator's weakness. Cyborg is upset because his blueprints have very personal information within but Bumblebee assures him that she only read the part about his sonic cannon, and "a few memory files about the big crush he had on Jinx." Just as Cyborg tries to respond, he gets a call from Robin, who tells him that he and the others are near Blood's control room and tells him to "get moving" and that "we don't have much time." Bumblebee finally hits a nerve with Cyborg by asking "If this is your mission, how come he's (Robin) in charge?" In response, Cyborg locks Bumblebee outside of the corridor and leaves.

Aqualad and Beast Boy manage to reach the force field generator, but suddenly the walls start to crush them both. Robin and the others make it it into Blood's control room only to find it empty, and then they end up locked in as the glass window blows up thanks to a mine attached to it, and the water begins to rapidly pour in, and the Titans start to drown.

Cyborg finds the resonator core protected by a force field

Cyborg makes it to the Resonator core, only to find that the force field is still up, and to add to the bad news, Brother Blood himself walks in just as the Resonator begins to fire.

Just as the wave makes its way towards the city, Cyborg begins to battle with Blood, but is quickly outmatched, since Blood read his blueprints and knows all of his weak spots. Robin and his group, meanwhile, manage to escape from drowning, and Robin shuts down the force field defense system, and Beast Boy morphs into an electric eel and shorts out the force field generator. Blood and Cyborg, still locked in combat, are briefly interrupted when the force field dissipates, but this does not stop Blood from slowly electrocuting Cyborg, and he is only saved by the timely arrival of Bumblebee, who reveals herself as a spy, much to Blood's anger. while Bumblebee fights against Brother Blood, Cyborg attempts to disable the Resonator core. Cyborg is successful, and the core self-destructs, collapsing the Resonator's triggered wave in on itself, and as a bonus, the underwater building begins to fall apart. Blood gets away, but not before stating to Cyborg, "That's two headquarters you owe me." Cyborg and Bumblebee reunite with the other Titans and Aqualad, and they all escape as the base blows up, with the Titans who cannot breathe underwater riding inside Beast Boy's whale mouth again.

Bumblebee, having revealed her allegiance, fights Brother Blood

Back at the Tower, the Titan's plans to find Brother Blood are cut short by Doctor Light, who has just robbed the Bank of Pérez. Aqualad and Bumblebee vow to continue the search, and just before they leave, Bumblebee gives Cyborg his blueprints back and invites him to join them in the search, to which Cyborg declines. Cyborg stands alone for a minute, pondering Bumblebee's proposal, before Robin calls him back, telling him that it's "time to go," because it is their responsibility to protect their city and their citizens to which Cyborg replies, "Yeah. it just might be."


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  • After Beast Boy in whale form coughs up the Titans and leaving Raven without her left boot (that is still inside his mouth), it is revealed that she does not wear socks. This is also the first (and only) time she is seen barefoot.
  • Right after Beast Boy (as a whale) spits them out, for a split-second, Raven is seen without her shoe on.


  • This episode reveals that Cyborg used to have a crush on Jinx.

Cultural references

  • Beast Boy and Aqualad trying to prevent themselves from being crushed is a reference to Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, in a similar sequence to when Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca try to prevent themselves from being crushed by a trash compactor.


  • The resonator's timer shows the notation of mm:ss, however at its last second there was only one digit in the second hand.
  • When Robin, Starfire, and Raven open the doors to encounter more HIVE soldiers, Raven’s broach on her cloak is missing.
  • The mine for the flooding trap that Robin, Starfire, and Raven encounter explodes near a glass panel. However, the hole the mine created later switches to a metal wall.


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