Wacky Wednesday/Hot & Cold is issue #53 of Teen Titans Go!.


Wacky Wednesday: Elasti-Girl reminisces about a time when Beast Boy had his body switched with that of another member of the Doom Patrol.

Hot & Cold: Kid Flash and Jinx come across a brother and sister duo trying to rob a jewelry store. One of the siblings happens to be Jinx's ex boyfriend. The four super-adolescents get into a fight, Jinx taking on Kid Kold and Kid Flash taking on Ice Kate; after the villains are arrested, Jinx and Kid Flash share their first kiss.


Wacky Wednesday

Hot & Cold


Wacky Wednesday

Hot & Cold


  • This episode continues the romantic relationship between Jinx and Kid Flash, established in "Lightspeed" and "Titans Together".
  • Kid Kold and Ice Kate are based on Captain Cold and his sister Golden Glider respectively.



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