Quote1 I don't need any help from a stupid Troq.Quote2
― Revealing his prejudice of Tamaraneans to Starfire.

Val-Yor is a superhero from another planet who appeared in the episode "Troq".

Role in the Series

After a brief aerial battle on Earth, the Titans met Val-Yor and decided to help him on his mission to fight the Locrix. Despite being a hero and overall friendly towards the Titans, he held contempt and dislike for Starfire because she is Tamaranean and called her a "troq" which means being worthless. While his opinion shifts and she earns his respect, the Titans choose their friend over Val-Yor, since he clings on to his racist views and later deems Earthlings just as bad as Tameraneans.

This racist attitude eventually sunders his relationship with the Titans and Earth in general, and he returns to his own planet out of disgust. Returning back into his ship to leave Earth, he secretly smiles, which implies that he really is thankful toward Starfire for saving his life.


  • Val-Yor seems to based off the DC Comic's Captain Atom, who has similar abilities (as does Superman) and pale silver-colored skin. Also, it should be noted there is a DC comics superhero named "Valor".
  • He calls Raven "Sunshine", Robin "Spike", Beast Boy "Champ", Cyborg "Metal Butt", and Starfire "Troq"
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