This is the transcript for the short "Utility Player".


(Opening shot: A view of the Titans tower in daylight. The camera now turns into the laundry room. A short "ding" from the washing machine gets Beast Boy running into the room. He stands on top of a dryer, opens the washing machine hatch to retrieve his washed clothes)

Beast Boy: Fresh cleaned uniform.

(He throws it into the dryer, then picks up something else from the washing machine. It turns out to be Robin's utility belt, now shorted and beyond repair)

Beast Boy: AHH! I washed Robin's utility belt! What am I gonna do?

(Beast Boy takes the belt and sneaks into Robin's wardrobe, while the latter was having a shower. Beast Boy secures his own belt onto Robin's uniform, but drops his pants while doing so. He pulls them up, and quietly tiptoes away. Immediately after, an alarm sounds and Robin dashes out, wearing only a towel, and hurriedly grabs his uniform)

Robin: Titans, go!

(Trouble in Jump City. Civilians are seen running about while Doctor Light makes use of a new device to tap the sun's energy. Robin appears on top of a building, with other Titans following suit)

Robin: The sun's not going down today, Doctor Light!

(Robin makes his way onto the ground, followed by Beast Boy. Robin tries to reach for a weapon in what was now Beast Boy's belt, with the latter looking on and shrieking. Robin flings a banana towards Doctor Light, but the villain catches it and throws it right back onto the Boy Wonder's face, leaving him groaning. Robin shakes the banana bits off his face, and reaches for another weapon, only this time it's a frisbee. As the frisbee approaches Doctor Light, Beast Boy, morphed into a puppy, catches the frisbee and began chewing on it. Robin was stunned once again, and began to hurl three other items from the belt; a bowl of pet food, a sack of Silkie Chow, and a hamster wheel. All the items failed to hit the Doctor Light, who is now edging closer to Robin, preparing to fire up an energy attack from his chest. Robin finally pulls out a block of tofu)

Robin: Huh? What the... tofu? (looks down on his "belt") BEAST BOY!

(The camera turns to Beast Boy, still chewing on the frisbee, with his pants dropped. He pulled up his pants, then turns to face Robin and shrugs, before dropping his pants once more. Robin throws the tofu block towards Doctor Light, which shortens his device. In desperation, Doctor Light tries to scrape the tofu away, but could not make it in time. The device explodes, leaving a burnt villain who drops onto the ground)

Cyborg: Tofu, is there anything you can't ruin? (The four other Titans assemble once more)

Beast Boy: Hey!

(Beast Boy drops his pants for the fourth time, yelling in horror. The other Titans look on, with Cyborg and Robin giving him a smirk.)

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