Utility Player is the second episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


At the Titans Tower, Beast Boy goes in to the laundry room to collect his washed uniform. However, he was shocked to find out that he had accidentally washed Robin's utility belt, and it was now broken. Beast Boy then tries to cover up his mistake by sneaking in to Robin' room while the leader was taking a shower, securing his own belt on Robin's uniform. Moments later, the alarm sounds off and Robin runs out of the bathroom, quickly grabbing his uniform.

In the city, Doctor Light is seen attempting to draw energy from the sun when the Titans arrived. Robin reaches for his "utility belt" (with Beast Boy behind shrieking) and throws a banana at Doctor Light, only for the latter to grab the banana and pelt it right at Robin's face. Robin then started hurling whatever that was stashed in the belt (Frisbee, hamster wheel etc.) as Doctor Light walks towards the Boy Wonder and prepare for an attack.

Tofu? This only means one thing...

Soon after, Robin pulls out a block of tofu from the belt and realized what had happened. As Robin yells at Beast Boy, the latter turns around with his pants dropped without his belt, chewing on the Frisbee that was thrown earlier as well. Robin threw the tofu block anyway, which somehow shorted out and blew up Doctor Light's suit. As the Titans gather over the defeated Doctor Light, Cyborg cracks a joke on tofu, and Beast Boy's pants fall down once more.




  • Robin's masks in his wardrobe does not have its white cover.
  • Robin's uniform in his wardrobe bears a capital 'R' logo (as seen in the full-length animated series) instead of a small 'r'.


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