Well, the show that this wiki seems eclusively centered on actually does seem like my kind of show. I hadn't looked enough into it when I posted this blog, but it meets one of my preferred criteria (I wanted one that killed at LEAST one main villain off, which it did), so I started with Season 4 (to avoid impatience for him being a factor in Seasons 1-3) to see if it was fun enough, and I found it was, even with episodes that didn't involve the main plot of the season, so I will be watching the rest of it now.

And, not a lot in the way of suggestive content either, aside from one moment in Mother Mae-Eye. (but even MLP isn't entirely clean of that either, it's rare to find a show it is so the best I can expect is really low amounts)

And I do really like this Starfire. Cyborg's probably my second favorite character. I also kinda like Raven's powers.

Though, a little miffed about Slade remaining on the loose... I suppose he either gave up his evil plans after seeing how easily Raven destroyed Trigon, or maybe died when Raven undid everything Trigon did, which included Slade's resurrection (unless reclaiming his flesh on his own protected him).

As for Titans 2018... still sounds too dark for my taste. I'll go with the original animated Teen Titans, it's probably THE one for me.

And if Arrowverse ever did one - and they already did their own Slade - there'd be a five-part crossover with Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, that would require you to get the box sets of all the equivalent seasons of the others. I really dislike how they do that and that made me stop The Flash (the only Arrowverse show I really liked) after Season 3.

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