I feel exactly the same way as you, Alice83! I was only 8 years old when Teen Titans first started airing, and funnily enough, I didn't start watching the show until AFTER playing Teen Titans: Battle Blitz on the Cartoon Network website!!

I remember waiting eagerly every evening until dad came home from work to play Battle Blitz on his old IBM Thinkpad. Back when the game was first released, only Robin was playable, and the other Titans and their powers would be unlocked bit by bit - one Titan per week. That delightful feeling of anticipation was absolutely incredible, it really is something only a child can feel!!

Later, we got Foxtel and Cartoon Network installed in the house (I live in Australia), and it was a dream come true! The Titans, exemplified by their circle of friendship, trust and the ability to conquer everything through unity and willpower, was something I admired so much! I liked all the characters too, in particular Raven and Cyborg; I was able to empathise with Cyborg, his contrastingly strong appearance while harbouring fear and insecurity inside.

Even though the series is over, sometimes I just feel like turning on my computer and watching a random episode. The Teen Titans brought audiences and families around the world 3 years of terrific entertainment! I am very grateful to the creators for putting in so much hard work and effort into this show! And I truly hope one day, this series shall continue and complete all its unfulfilled potential!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Teen Titans! 

p.s. I'll never forget Mad Mod. He was the best pom :D

Saiou takuma, Teen Titans Wiki Administrator

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