• Wb51417

    Robin is Tim Drake?

    August 8, 2018 by Wb51417

    EDIT JULY 2019: I've now realized that Robin is definitely Dick Grayson in this series, but I'm still going to leave this how it is just to highlight my stupidity.

    Robin is Dick Grayson, NOT Tim Drake. Although, this version of Robin was definitely heavily influenced by Tim Drake, but he IS Dick Grayson.

    I know pretty much everyone on this site is settled with Robin being Dick Grayson, but it was never truly confirmed in the show itself who he was.

    I personally think Robin is Tim Drake in this series.

    Reasons why

    Robin himself: His personality is mostly based on Tim, as Tim is the one who is known as the more serious Robin, while Dick Grayson was the more light-hearted and optimistic Robin, Tim, much like the Teen Titans Robin, is also known to …

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