There is a big romur going on that a Season six will be coming out Summer 2015 for Teen Titans. Took some mind boggling serching but with a little help from my best freind we found out that roumor is true! Plus Terra is gonna be back in it with a new outfit. I bet some of you are still wondering how Terra got out of her stony prison. The answer lies right in front of you. Terra used so much power to get out of her statue form that it wiped her intire memory so she couldn't remember her time with Titans or how to use her powers. However, overtime she  restored her memory and goes back to the Titans. The answer still remains unknown to me how she became a schoolgirl. Terra also destroyed her goggles because she thought the were holding her back. Brainiac is going to be in Season six. I don't know what he's planing or looks like but Season six is going to be awesome.

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