These are just some things I want to see in the possible season six:

Slade closure-we're in a new era, the writers can say things like "death", nothing major. They just have to tell us some of his backstory and maybe an episode with Robin, Rose, Jericho, and Slade.

KidxJinx episodes-I'm ok with two or three episodes, they're one of Teen Titans best relationships and technically one of the show's first relationships.

Melvin, Timmy, and Teether episodes-just one-three, just to explain what's going on with them.

Origin story time!-Just a few episodes detailing at least BB, Cy, and Star's backstories.

Terra closure-She doesn't have to come back, she can just say to maybe her brother, "I have my memories and powers, right now I want a normal life. Someday I'll be back though."

A Robin arc-Let's face it, despite how awesome he is season three did damage people's view on Robin. I've seen it, people write him as this horrible person who pushes people too far and doesn't care about his teammates and makes stupid choices. Robin's normally nice, stubborn but nice, but I think people kinda forgot that he's normally a good person and a good leader. In this arc I'd like for them to address these issues, nothing major just a simple change in demeanor from him with some possible conversations.