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    I've been thinking, would you guys be ok with it if another writer took the series original characters, like Mumbo, from this show and put them in another show, maybe even exploring their backstory? The fun part about the series original characters is that we can make up backstories for them, and I mean even if another show did their backstory that doesn't mean you couldn't make a different one. But at the same time, those characters are the staff's ideas, would it even be right to use them in a different show?

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Season 6 wishlist

    October 29, 2018 by Steven Bomb 17

    These are just some things I want to see in the possible season six:

    Slade closure-we're in a new era, the writers can say things like "death", nothing major. They just have to tell us some of his backstory and maybe an episode with Robin, Rose, Jericho, and Slade.

    KidxJinx episodes-I'm ok with two or three episodes, they're one of Teen Titans best relationships and technically one of the show's first relationships.

    Melvin, Timmy, and Teether episodes-just one-three, just to explain what's going on with them.

    Origin story time!-Just a few episodes detailing at least BB, Cy, and Star's backstories.

    Terra closure-She doesn't have to come back, she can just say to maybe her brother, "I have my memories and powers, right now I want a normal life. S…

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    Beast Within review

    August 27, 2018 by Steven Bomb 17

    For those of you who don't know ever since before the TTG movie was released the staff have been teasing season six, then the end credits teased a season six, then when asked about the end credits scene Greg Cipes, voice of Beast Boy, said, "The fans always get what they want." So I figured that if it happens I should get something off my chest before it effects my judgement of the possible new episodes, I guess it's been there since I started making fanfictions and I haven't noticed it until I started to really think on it and I doubt I'm alone because so many people write Robin like he's written in most of season three. Just a warning, this might be more of a rant then a review. This whole thing is here so you can either tell me I'm bein…

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    I'm back

    July 27, 2018 by Steven Bomb 17

    Gosh it's been so long since I've been here, for a moment I thought I went to the cleaned up wiki by mistake. Looks like we've got some management, I hope the transcript for, "Sum of his parts." has been fixed. Anyways I like the changes, the tower was nice but depressing to look at because it looked so empty.

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Ok the cast for the new Titans series is out, here's my thoughts on the actors for Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven.

    Robin will be played by Brenton Thwaites-He looks like someone who'd be Dick Grayson. Apparently he's going to be a cop which is pretty cool. He'll be an adult so that's nice. Brenton is a great actor.

    Beast Boy will be played by Ryan Potter-Now I know what you're thinking, yes Ryan is half Japanese but 1. Most of the time he's going to be green so that was never really gonna matter. And 2. Ryan Potter's also an amazing actor and he has that general demeanor that Beast Boy needs to have so as long as he's not stereotypical it'll be fine.

    Starfire will be played by Anna Diop-Yes she will be African American but honestly, sa…

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