Mistystar31 Mistystar31 9 February 2018

Dead Enemies

It's been so long since the cartoon was cancelled, but I've been wondering: How many of the Teen Titans' enemies have they actually killed, other than Slade and Trigon?

Although Teen Titans was a cartoon, almost every episode was about defeating a foe or a challenge by battle.  Certain enemies were killed, but not by the Titans themselves. For example, the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater was eaten by a flesh-eating plant on its own planet.

Terra killed Slade, although he was revived by Trigon, and Trigon was annihilated by Raven.  Were there any other enemies, regardless of their species, that the Titans annihilated themselves?Mistystar31 (talk) 17:59, February 9, 2018 (UTC)

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Mistystar31 Mistystar31 12 December 2016

How Do Titans Get Money and Food?

How do the Teen Titans get their money and food? Before Robin met the other 4 Titans, he didn't live in Titans Tower since it wasn't built yet. They needed cash for the required objects to build their home and also for food; the citizens of Jump City didn't know they were going to have 5 heros always saving them, so they didn't build the tower for the Titans beforehand, right? And the Titans don't get "donations" of groceries and other things, such as their video games, right? Sure, this was a cartoon, but come on; even other cartoons, like Avatar, and anime have episodes of needing more money, food, and such. So how do the Titans get their required things to live?

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Mistystar31 Mistystar31 17 March 2015

Titans' Rooms' Windows--Completely Open?

In the episodes that show the Titans' rooms that have windows, such as Starfire's, Beast Boy's, and especially Terra's gigantic one, the windows all seem open and to not have any windowsills to close them. Although Starfire's window has a curtain, are the windows really always open without any ability to close them? It would eventually get cold from all the wind blowing through them, and this seems very unrealistic to any type of room, even a fictional one. What is your opinion on the rooms' windows--do they have windowsills or not?

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