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    Five Titans, five seasons, but Starfire got none. Season 5 was her turn but instead it was Beast Boy's second season. Subsequently her archenemy is the only archnemesis to not be main villain of a season (Slade got two seasons, second being Beast Boy's first season).

    She's my favorite Titan so that's one of the few things I dislike about it.

    So why in the name of Sephiroth did they single her out in this way? Is it because of how powerful she is? I heard someone say writers dislike really powerful characters or something. But Raven's pretty powerful too, the way she destroyed Trigon, who seemed beyond even Starfire, and Raven got her own season.

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  • KillRoy231

    My review of Teen Titans

    January 24, 2020 by KillRoy231

    So, I saw all of it except most of the prequel episode (because it's too hard to watch Starfire rampaging as the opposite of what she later becomes, and she probably doesn't reform until the end) and the final episode (because it's pointless in opening up a mystery it never resolves, we don't even know for sure that is Terra).

    I was directed towards this as a show focusing on these characters that I'd find appealing. It's cleaner than Teen Titans Go, lighter than Titans, has many entertaining moments, and one of the main villains dies (Trigon, the most menacing), that's always helpful in making an animated family-friendly show appealing to me. Two if you count Slade, he got revived from his fall into the lava and may or may not have been re…

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  • KillRoy231

    I heard about this Starfire character and I want to see her in something fun, but so far nothing Teen Titans that exists yet fits the bill.

    The original animated films, not so sure they're quite my style, or easy to find.

    Teen Titans Go... definitely not my kind of show.

    2018 TV series... definitely not gonna go for it.

    Someday there might be a DC Extended Universe film about it... but I have zero faith in those movies. They're like William trying to make a small arc reactor.

    Maybe someday an Arrowverse show about it? Fun like The Flash, not too dark like Arrow? I REALLY want to find a Teen Titans I will like but it sounds like one doesn't exist yet.

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