Darkmaster345 Darkmaster345 19 July

Happy Birthday Teen Titans!

Hi all

Bit of a celebrate, but it would of being 17 years this year since the first episode of Teen Titans aired to our screens!

To this day, it remains as one of the best Cartoon shows ever created.

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Darkmaster345 Darkmaster345 17 June

Introducing myself as a new admin

Hi all

Darkmaster345 here. Just to introduce myself, I am now an admin of the wiki, I feel privllaged and welcomed by Pyro and Kit, it is great to be part of a team of two remarkable and friendly people. Both of them have promoted me for a position that I cherish. So as of that I thankyou. 

Now apart from introductions, I just want to remind users of things, due to recent events.

  • Please be respectful and polite to users and admins. - Being abusive, rude or disrespectful in any matter will result into form of being given a warning, failure to comply more with this warning will esculate stuff further to a chat ban or a ban from the site altogether. Recently we have had a user that was being extremely rude, disrespectful and thinks he was in cha…

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Darkmaster345 Darkmaster345 17 December 2019

Thankyou to everyone

First of all this post I speak for everyone (Nearly everyone). but for thoses who have brought the crossover and has seen it, big massive thankyou to all.

It was something that didn't turn out as we thought it could of being. But as in recent events, the crossover made barely anything. meaning the chances of a potential revival is nothing but dented big time.

Its being really rocky with the editing of the crossover when people say its canon or its not, but realsiticly its not canon. there's many errors.

But am not going to debate about that.

It is a big shame that the crossover barely made anything, but we have to move forward. We can still remember TT in our hearts but it just doesn't seem like its happening ever. So Season 6 can sadly has t…

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