Hey Everyone, hope you are all having a pleasant Friday or Saturday wherever you are.

On 7th August 2020, DC Fandome just annouced its lineup  and it contains so many actors, directors, producers, writers at DC since 1992. 5 of them are the big 5 for Teen Titans, plus two more...  DC Fandome is the DC Comics of San Diego Comic-con, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,  SDCC was cancelled. This is the replacement for DC.

Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes, Tara Strong, Khary Payton will be going to the DC Fandome on August 22nd 2020. The stream will be 24 hours. Ron Perlman and Ashley Johnson are said to be going also. Now weather this is for Teen Titans go or the possiblties for Season six, anything could happen.

To all of you, be prepared for anything. We've had letdowns before of annocuements, but this DC Fandome is massive.


Darkmaster 345

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