Hi all

Darkmaster345 here. Just to introduce myself, I am now an admin of the wiki, I feel privllaged and welcomed by Pyro and Kit, it is great to be part of a team of two remarkable and friendly people. Both of them have promoted me for a position that I cherish. So as of that I thankyou. 

Now apart from introductions, I just want to remind users of things, due to recent events.

  • Please be respectful and polite to users and admins. - Being abusive, rude or disrespectful in any matter will result into form of being given a warning, failure to comply more with this warning will esculate stuff further to a chat ban or a ban from the site altogether. Recently we have had a user that was being extremely rude, disrespectful and thinks he was in charge of the wiki, Users do not have authority to take charge of anything. If anybody has a problem, speak to myself, Kitsune or Pyrogothnerd and we will help as we can. 

  • Please consider your information what you put on the wiki - Recently in the past pages, people have being posting false information, to a point I had to protect one page. That page was The Unproduced Sixth Season of Teen Titans , I will explain why I created it last year. It was created to gather and share history on the season we never got, the information on there is full of rumors, and facts about the series, its an unproduced season, its never going to be made, therefore we can only give credit and history about it. I don't like it when I have to protect things, but providing false information can also be given a spoken too. So please, consider your words. If you are unsure about anything, ask one of the admins, inculding myself.

  • Have fun - Remember Teen Titans is apart of a lot of people's childhoods, we want to make this place, a safe wiki for people to use and feel welcomed by, and even make it friendly to thoses who want to read on this fantastic TV Show that was once on.

Lastly, please come and join the Teen Titans Wiki - Discord, We could use more people and make it more active.

Thanks all

Darkmaster 345

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