Darkmaster345 Darkmaster345 19 August 2020

Changes to the wiki and more

Hi all

Darkmaster345 here

Recently there has being changes to the wiki from the Wiki Central staff, please bare with us. Myself, Pyro, Skyrider and Kitsune are working on this to adapt to the changes.

If you wish to communicate with us, please join our Discord server

Many thanks

Darkmaster345 (Admin)

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Darkmaster345 Darkmaster345 9 August 2020

To All Users - Apology and bit of notice

Hi All, lately we've had a bit of chaos on the wiki as some of you may have seen from a certain user, I would like to apologise for this, however will not be discussing any of it. But I just want to remind users of things once again.

Recent we had some Sockpuppet/Fake Accounts that we found out a user was already permaently banned from. Creating fake accounts are deemed forbidden to get around bans and could be reported to top staff of the WikiFandom.

I just to want to remind and assure users, if you see any of these accounts, or you feel you've seen them before and they've being banned by one of us, Please let us know. Fake Accounts or returning users who are banned are deemed not acceptable.  We are a friendly community and if there's one …

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Darkmaster345 Darkmaster345 9 August 2020

Introducing a new admin to the family

Hi All, bit of a short one and late one

Please let me introduce a member of our new Admin team, Skyrider747.

Sky has being apart of this wiki for a while editing in good ambitions and intentions. Sky has contributed so much to the wiki to a point that I recommended him to Pyro. Since then Sky was promoted to Admin

As a community member and admin, I look forward to working with you Sky and keeping the community in check and this wiki safe.

Well done, congulations and welcome!


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Darkmaster345 Darkmaster345 7 August 2020

Teen Titans cast going to DC Fandome

Hey Everyone, hope you are all having a pleasant Friday or Saturday wherever you are.

On 7th August 2020, DC Fandome just annouced its lineup  and it contains so many actors, directors, producers, writers at DC since 1992. 5 of them are the big 5 for Teen Titans, plus two more...  DC Fandome is the DC Comics of San Diego Comic-con, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,  SDCC was cancelled. This is the replacement for DC.

Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes, Tara Strong, Khary Payton will be going to the DC Fandome on August 22nd 2020. The stream will be 24 hours. Ron Perlman and Ashley Johnson are said to be going also. Now weather this is for Teen Titans go or the possiblties for Season six, anything could happen.

To all of you, be prepared fo…

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Darkmaster345 Darkmaster345 3 August 2020

Reminding people of the rules.

Hi all

Darkmaster345 here, Hope you are all doing well.

Just a friendly reminder, when you talk about the characters of Teen Titans, it is absolutely fine if you adore the character, have a thing for them or even love them in terms of "Love"

What is NOT ALLOWED is sexual explict towards characters (Saying they are Hot, nice stuff etc) - Things that get cringy etc, this is a family-friendly wiki on the TV Show, May I also remind everyone this is a KIDS Show. Yes most of us here are adults now and grew up with the show, but regardless its still a kids show, so please treat it with respect. 

Again it is okay to express your feelings about a character, but again do not sexually explict them. Keep that to yourself. Lately I had to ban a user for a …

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