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Hello everyone! My name is Jake but I'm known as TTfan1997 on here! I have been on this wikia for about a year because I very much love the Teen Titans series and am trying my absolute best to edit the pages as efficiently as possible! I grew up watching the show and got back into it a few years ago. I have all of the episodes and movies; though my knowledge of the comic series is limited. It's nice to know you all I guess :)

My favorite characters

My least favorite characters

  • First off no offense to anyone who likes these characters :)

My favorite episodes

  • The whole series is amazing! However a few stick out as the best in my opinion:
  • Season 1: Sisters and Masks (season one is my least favorite season)

My least favorite episodes

  • Again no offense to anyone!
  • All of season 1 except of the two above and apprentice finale.


I'm very talkative so chat with me or leave stuff on my wall :)