Turn Back the Clock is the fourth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


Jump city has been turned into London (Jolly Old England) again. Mad Mod's new machine, a time warping pay phone, will not only turn back time, but make him young and invincible. As the Titans arrive and beat up the Robot Army, Mad Mod begins to turn back time, and everything around him changes to a 90s-era environment.

With another pull of the time warp lever, time continues to rewind and the world is now in the 80s. Beast Boy is enjoying the time change and he is now in his Changeling costume. Starfire covers herself with her now extremely long hair when she notices her costume is very revealing. Another pull of the lever takes the Titans into the 70s. The Teen Titans now resemble the kids from Mystery, Inc. with Beast Boy as Scooby-Doo. Cyborg states that, if time rewinds one more time, Mad Mod will be unstoppable.

Titans of the 90s

Despite the Titans effort, time rewinds to the '60s. Mad Mod is young again and invincible. Robin, unwilling to give up, throws a birdarang (which appears to be a batarang) at Mad Mod's machine, breaking the machine and sending all the Titans and Mad Mod far into the future.

Now in the futuristic cosmopolitan city. Mad Mod, reverted to his old self again, is caught on a futuristic treadmill and unable to get off. A robot that resembles Robin laughs victoriously and then notices the super heroes of the future staring at him. Robin realizes that time has slipped him up again.



  • The episode setting resembles the Westminster Hall in London, UK.
  • Silkie appears at the end of the episode, in the form of a zeppelin.

Cultural references

  • Mad Mod's payphone machine is designed in the form of a red Police Box, a combination of a typical British police box and Doctor Who's TARDIS.
  • Each time Mad Mod pulls the lever to take the characters back into time, his robot armies resemble popular characters from the given era.
    • 90's: Power Rangers
    • 80's: Decepticons of the Transformers franchise
  • The Titans' appearance in the 90's timeframe is based on their comic designs from that time period.
  • Robin's 90's design is actually the suit worn by Tim Drake in the comics, which is manly noticeable by his ninja boots. The reason for this is because Tim Drake was the main Robin of that period.
    • However, his mullet comes from his classic Nightwing design, as he had that same mullet throughout the 90's.
  • The Titans' appearance in the 80's timeframe is based on their classic designs from The New Teen Titans comic series, which is manly what the TV series is based on.
  • The Titans' appearance in the 70's timeframe references the Mystery Inc. group from Scooby-Doo, with Beast Boy as Scooby-Doo, Cyborg as Shaggy, Robin as Fred, Raven as Velma, and Starfire as Daphne.
  • In the 60's timeframe, Robin appears to be throwing a batarang instead of his own birdarang.
  • At the end of the episode, the characters are taken into a futuristic Jump City. The scene of Mad Mod running along a treadmill is a reference to The Jetsons.


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