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Troq is the 45th episode of the Teen Titans series and the sixth episode of the fourth season. This episode is a special on racism.


The Titans meet Val Yor, an alien who is on the verge of destroying his enemies; The Locrix. The Titans volunteer to help and immediately take a liking to him, but their opinion of Val-Yor may soon change once they find out what he truly thinks of Starfire.


The Titans meet a courageous and seemingly kind other-worldly hero named Val-Yor. He greets all of them, except Starfire, saying, "I see you have a Tamaranean", as if she is some sort of animal or property. The Titans don't seem to realize how offensive he is being. After surviving an attack from an alien race known as the Locrix, Val-Yor informs the kids that these robot creatures intend to take control of Earth. When the heroes volunteer to help, Val-Yor takes the five of them into space with him in his ship.

He gives Robin, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg all jobs to do, completely ignoring Starfire when she asks what task she should complete. When Val-Yor's ship is boarded by a battalion of "Crixies" (slang for Locrixes), he calls each of the kids except Starfire to come help him fight. Assuming he simply forgot about her, Starfire joins the battle. When Starfire is fighting, she is knocked into Val-Yor, bumping into and nearly setting off the Quantum Eradicator, the device Val-Yor plans to use to destroy the Locrix. Val-Yor then shouts at Starfire to watch where she is going. When the menace is defeated and the ship secure, they all start walking back toward

Beast Boy amazed with Val-Yor

the control room. When she and he are alone, Starfire tries to apologize, saying she was only trying to help. Val-Yor angrily replies that he doesn't need any help from "a stupid Troq". Starfire is taken aback, although it is not yet disclosed to the viewer as to what a "Troq" is.

Starfire then avoids Val-Yor, and throughout the episode he calls her "Troq" and "Troqie". Not knowing what the word means, the Titans just assume it is a nickname, as Val-Yor had been referring to the rest of them using slick names, such as "Sunshine" (Raven), "Metal Butt", (Cyborg), "Spike" (Robin), and "Champ" (Beast Boy).

When Cyborg and Starfire are alone, he asks her what "Troq" means. She replies, "It means nothing." Cyborg misunderstands and thinks "Troq" doesn't mean anything, as Starfire's description was unclear. Later, when Starfire successfully completes an important task, Cyborg raises his hand for a high-five saying, "Way to go, Troqie!" and Starfire becomes angry and shouts at him for calling her that. He defends, "I thought you said it didn't mean anything!" Starfire then explains that it literally means "nothing", and that Val-Yor is implying that she is worthless. During their discussion, he encourages her that they must tell Robin. After Cyborg enlightens their team's leader, Robin and the other Titans lose all respect for Val-Yor.

When they have infiltrated the planet, Starfire helps Val-Yor install the Quantum Eradicator. When things begin to go awry, however, Starfire helps a physically hurt Val-Yor to safety against his wishes. Val-Yor is saved and the Locrix are defeated. When Robin demands he apologize, he reluctantly does so, saying that Starfire is "one of the good ones". The Titans still find his "compliment" offensive, and Robin demands that Val-Yor leave Earth. Val-Yor leaves, after letting them know he thinks that maybe Earthlings are just like all Troqs but gives a secret smile. When Starfire looks on at the ship Robin and the others apologize for letting Val Yor treat her like that and for not doing anything about it once they discovered the truth, but Starfire says there was nothing they could've done as there are a lot of people just like Val Yor that prejudge and mistreat others, but there are also a lot of people who don't judge others based on what they look like or where they from and that those people are true friends.


  • Cyborg: Way to go, Troqie!
    Starfire: (gasps) You do not call me that!
    Cyborg: But Val-Yor calls you Troq all the time.
    Starfire: That does not make it right.
    Cyborg: What's up? I thought you said it didn't mean anything.
    Starfire: No. I said it means "nothing". When Val-Yor calls me "Troq", he is saying that I am worthless, a nothing.
    Cyborg: Star...
    Starfire: There are those on other planets who feel Tamaraneans are inferior. Troq is what they call us.
    Cyborg: So he's calling you a terrible name. And you know that if you punch him out, it'll just confirm all the bad stuff he thinks about you?
    Starfire: Yes. You know what it feels like to be judged simply because of how you look?
    Cyborg: Of course I do. I'm part robot.
  • Robin: (After Cyborg tells him about Val-Yor calling Starfire a Troq) Starfire, why didn't you say something? He will apologize. I'm going to make...
    Starfire: No, Robin. Our mission is more important than my feelings.
  • Val-Yor: Well, thank you for all your help.
  • Robin: Don't thank us, thank Starfire.
  • Beast Boy: Yeah, she's the one who saved your sorry butt. (Val-Yor looks at Starfire who has a sad look on her face)
  • Val-Yor: Thank you, Starfire. I have to admit you're not bad for a Tr- (Stops for a second) Tamaranean. You must be one of the good ones.
  • Starfire: No. The fact that I rescued you does not make me any better than other Tamaraneans.
  • Val-Yor: Look, I'm trying to pay you a compliment.
  • Raven: Then why does it still sound like an insult?
  • Val-Yor: Spike, you understand. I didn't mean anything by it. It's just...
  • Robin: Val-Yor, I think it's time for you to go.
  • Val-Yor: I thought you earthlings were alright. I guess I was wrong. You're just like the Troqs. (turns and leaves)
  • Robin: I'm sorry Val-Yor treated you like that. If I'd known, I'd never would've let it happen.
    Cyborg: None of us would.
    Starfire: There is nothing you could've done. There will always be people who say mean words because you are different. And sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people who do not judge others based on how they look or where they are from. Those are the people whose words truly matter.
  • Val-Yor: Raven, Beast Boy, man the blasters!
  • Beast Boy: Cool!
  • Raven: (glaring at Beast Boy) Can I get to blast whoever I want?
  • Val-Yor: Guard the ship, Troq.
  • Starfire: No! I am going with you!
  • Val-Yor: I gave you an order!
  • Starfire: I don't take orders from you! If my friends go into danger, so do I. Besides, my people can withstand hostile conditions.
  • Starfire: (while rescuing Val-Yor) Take my hand!!!
  • Val-Yor: Keep your filthy hands off me, Troq!!
  • Starfire: You may not value my life, but I still value yours! (pulls Val-Yor out)
  • Starfire: I wish to apologize. I didn't mean to endanger you ship, I was only trying to help.
  • Val-Yor: I don't need any help from a stupid Troq.
  • Beast Boy: (With puppy eyes) So, do you think I could fly this baby sometime?                              

         Val-Yor: (Has an 'uhhh' look on his face)

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