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Transformation is the 20th episode of Teen Titans. It is featured in Season 2.


Starfire wakes up one day to discover a huge lump on her forehead. Terrified, she consults Raven, who dismisses it as a zit. Starfire is relieved, until more changes start to happen to her body, including tusks on her neck, long, dirty nails, and scale-like skin. Believing she is turning into a monster and that her friends would no longer accept her, she leaves and takes refuge deep into space, not knowing she was one of the rare few who turned into a chrysalis during Tamaranean puberty. When a Tamaranean during puberty becomes a chrysalis, some do not survive after being eaten by creatures called Cironielian Chrysalis Eaters. By turning into a humanoid form, she lures Starfire into her clutches, but her attempt to devour her is interrupted by the other Titans. Starfire uses her newly-acquired power of shooting beams out of her eyes to send the Chrysalis Eater to its death of being eaten by a monstrous plant. (The monster resembles Cloverfield from the 2008 film.)

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