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The Tokyo Girl is an unnamed minor character, who makes her first and only appearance in the Teen Titans series finale movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. When she first appears in the movie, she helped Starfire go through her feelings for Robin, she helps her to regain confidence in them, and to not lose hope.

Character history

In the movie she had came across Starfire, who was standing in front of Tokyo store where she watched two mechanical mice kiss each other. This made her very upset as it reminded her of how she and Robin had lost their chance to have their first kiss together and how Robin told her that there was not anything between them.

Wanting to know what she is upset about, she approaches Starfire and asks her what is bothering her. However, not wanting to talk about it, Starfire puts on a brave face and tells the girl that she is not upset and that she does not have "the boy troubles". Respecting Starfire's wishes, she starts to leave, but right after she does, Starfire immediately goes after her and tells her about her problems with Robin and finally reveals that ever since the day she and Robin first met, Starfire has had feelings for him and has been waiting and hoping ever since that day for them to confess their feelings for each other, and finally and truly be together.

Starfire finally reveals her true feelings about Robin.

Starfire stops in mid-sentence, too upset to talk about the situation any further or even walk. she, however, takes her hand and they continue to walk together. Starfire then starts to say that maybe she was foolish to think such things, to think that there was anything between her and Robin and that they are just simply heroes. She just gives Starfire a bright smile which makes her finally realize that there always has been something more between them, and realizes that despite what Robin said, knows that he feels it as well and that he is just scared to admit it.

Filled with much more hope and happiness, Starfire thanks to her and is about to set out and find Robin so that she may confess her feelings for him when suddenly she sees Robin's mugshot on a giant screen. The Mayor of Tokyo announces Robin's arrest and also says that the Teen Titans must either turn themselves in or leave Tokyo at once. Starfire then leaves her as she goes to tell her teammates about Robin's arrest.


She is shown to be a kind and caring girl as she was worried when she saw how upset Starfire was from what happened between her and Robin earlier. She also shows to have the ability to make a person have hope again as it was thanks to her that Starfire gained confidence in her feelings toward Robin again and was able to make her realize that Robin does have feelings for her and is just scared to admit how he feels about her.


She has black hair in a ponytail. She seems to be wearing a blue uniform with a red tie and white collar with black stripes, along with a black skirt. She also wears white socks with black school shoes. She also carries around a red school bag.

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