Tito's Junkyard is a scrap yard situated in Jump City. The yard contains mostly scrapped vehicles and various automobile parts.

It has a large, rusted waste container which houses a cavern leading to Fixit's laboratory.


After stealing from a jewelry shop in "The Sum of His Parts", Mumbo fled to the junkyard to examine his loot, before being intercepted by the Teen Titans. Cyborg, who later joined the fight, had his external batteries damaged from Mumbo's water spray and dumped into a cavern after running out of charge. He was then led into Fixit's laboratory where he was nearly subjected to a conversion into a full robot.

Later, as the Titans capture Mumbo, they realized that Cyborg was still left behind in the junkyard and returned to find him. After locating the cavern and fighting off robot minions, they found Cyborg and Fixit in the laboratory.

In "Crash", Cyborg returns to the junkyard (albeit contracted a virus), consuming a metal pipe and a barrel of oil, then chasing Raven and Starfire down a pile of trash.


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