Titans in Love is the tenth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


The episode revolves around two love stories; one from Raven and another from Robin. Note that the episode constantly switches between the two stories.

Raven in Love

One night in the Titans Tower main room, Raven stands next to the Goth Boy, both with blank expressions. Goth Boy plainly suggests they go on a date, which Raven accepts.

Many activities, one expression

The duo goes to an upbeat roller blade rink, retaining their expressions, not moving on the rink. A blonde haired kid swiftly skates around them, before Goth Boy sticks out his foot to trip him.

After which they went to the movies. They still kept their blank expression, not reacting to the comedic movie they were watching like the other movie-goers.

At a local diner, amongst the couples who are sipping milkshakes together, they sat at a table together, facing the camera, still no changes to their expressions.

Now they are riding on a Ferris wheel. As they get to the top, fireworks in the background start to go off. Again, no reaction.

In the end, the couple returned to the main room, with Goth Boy asking if Raven is free tomorrow night (which she replied "yeah"), before they going on their separate paths.

Robin in Love

In what it seems to be Mexico, Robin states that he can't read the signs. Starfire points out that Tamaraneans can learn any language simply by lip contact. Starfire then walks over to a male citizen, holds a long kiss with him, and immediately begins to speak Spanish to him, much to Robin's horror and jealousy.

Starfire kisses a stranger, just like in Tokyo. Poor Robin could only watch...

Back at Titans Tower, Robin is sitting by himself in his room late at night, appearing to be studying something. He moves on to work on the main room computer, and was seen writing something while listening to an audio guide.

Later, as Starfire walks along a corridor, Robin runs up to her and flirtatiously begins to speak fluent French, showing he had been learning another language to impress her and get a kiss from her. Starfire acts creeped out and walks in the other direction. Robin catches up and says another sentence, then leaning on his cheek, ready for a kiss from Starfire. Starfire is so confused at what he's saying, she kisses him to learn the language herself. Robin succeeds at getting a kiss from Starfire.



  • Robin's conversation with Starfire in French was: Pardonnez-moi, mademoiselle. Aimez-vous regarder les étoiles avec moi? ("Excuse me, miss. Would you like to go see the stars with me?")
    • The conversation is replaced with Italian in the French dub.


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