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Template:EpisodeInfobox/Season5 Titans Together is the 64th episode of the Teen Titans series and the 12th episode of Season 5.


It appears as though the BrotherHood of Evil are victorious. Members of the Teen Titans have been defeated across the globe, while other members have been taken prisoner and become frozen statues and with Robin being held captive as well all hope seems lost. However, some hope still remains as Beast Boy and a few other members have escaped from the Brotherhoods attacks and must now band together if there is any chance to stop them.


Evil triumphant, or so they think.

The Titans are defeated, and the Brotherhood of Evil appears victorious - but there is still some hope. Beast Boy manages to find his way to a secret Titans outpost, where he is soon joined by the remnants of the Teen Titans Más, Pantha, Herald and Jericho. At first the escapees are dejected that neither of them are among the most powerful (especially Jericho is held in little esteem), but Beast Boy holds them back and rallies them into a rag-tag, but in its own way effective team.

The Titans united ... and Puppet King

Their first undertaking is the capture of Cinderblock, who, thanks to Jericho's talents, provides them both with the location of the Brotherhood's base and a cover to get them inside. A slip-up by Jericho talking inside Cinderblock causes them to lose the latter advantage, and soon they must face the villanous assemble under the Brotherhood's leadership. Despite putting up a valiant fight, the odds eventually turn against the brave Titans, but just as things seem bleak, unexpected reinforcements arrive: Cyborg along with Kole and Gnarrk, Starfire bringing Bumblebee and Red Star, and Raven arriving with Melvin, Timmy, Teether and their big friend Bobby - and the battle is quickly rejoined. During all this, Mas succeeds in reaching his brother Menos, unfreezing him after freeing Himself from Chang's goons by kicking one goon's shin, while biting the other guard's hand. By fiddling with the controls of Professor Chang's freezing machine, they are able to free the Titans who have been already been captured. Hot Spot, Wildebeest, Aqualad, Tramm, Bushido, Argent, Killowat, Thunder, Lightning, Speedy, and Robin are freed from their flash freeze and quickly join the fight. With their numbers increased, the Titans easily overpower the villains. Last to arrive are Kid Flash and Jinx, who help mopping up the renmants of the H.I.V.E. Five and Madame Rouge and ferry the captured villains off to flash-freeze treatment.

The Titans groaning at Beast Boy's joke... and XL Terrestrial.

As the numbers of their allies dwindle, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah decide to run for it, leaving the Brain's socket, which contains a nuclear device, as a parting "gift". However, Beast Boy and Robin apprehend the two, and the nuclear device is disposed of by Cyborg and Starfire, who shove it into outer space through one of Herald's portals. Finally, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah are frozen and the other Titans (Puppet King and XL Terrestrial) are groaning at Beast Boy's lame joke, "Brain Freeze."

Dr Light is about to meet the world's Titans — with the exception of Mas y Menos!

Just as the Titans and Honoraries take some time relaxing in Titans Tower and getting to know each other a little better, they receive an alarm involving Dr. Light, who is robbing the Bank of Perez. Dr. Light later hurries out of the bank with his loot, unaware that almost 30 Titans are waiting to pounce on him. As Raven puts it: "He's totally gonna freak this time!"


  • Hot Spot, what are you doing here? I thought they froze you.

    In this episode there are some animation/script errors concerning untypical character appearances to be found. Hot Spot is standing among the villans when the first phase of the battle was over, the Puppet King is with the Titans (picture above), and XL Terrestrial is with the TItans groaning at Beast Boy 's joke. When the Puppet King and XL Terrestrial weren't seen frozen, it is implied and assumed by viewers that the two villains defected like Jinx. However, this may just be an animation error.
  • Even though Beast Boy was only left with Pantha, Más, Herald, and Jericho, it is unknown why he did not call for the aid of the Doom Patrol. It is possible this was an intentional plot hole, to test Beast Boy's capability as a leader.
  • When Jericho arrives with Herald, Pantha, Beast Boy, and Más all sigh, as they were expecting the rest of Beast Boy's teammates. However, it is likely that Beast Boy was expecting Raven to be with Herald, as she was the one assigned to give him a Titans Communicator.
  • In this episode, Jinx and Gizmo were not voiced by their usual voice actor, Lauren Tom, but instead by Tara Strong.
  • Although Kid Flash picked up most of the villans and carried them to get frozen, at the end of the episode, many villans are missing from the frozen statue collection. In fact, the only villains who were seen in the collection was Mumbo, Control Freak, I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R., Kyd Wykkyd, See-More, Kardiak, Killer Moth, Private H.I.V.E., Mad Mod, Andre LeBlanc, Ding Dong Daddy, Plasmus, Madame Rouge, General Immortus, Mallah, and the Brain. Professor Chang, his minions, the Wrestling Star, Mammoth, Gizmo, and Billy were seen frozen on-screen, but they weren't seen in the collection. Fang, Steamroller, Warp, Trident, Wintergreen, H.I.V.E. Headmistress, Angel, Cinderblock, and most of the other villains were defeated and were frozen off-screen, but some villains like Phobia, Overload, Katarou, and Atlas were defeated, but were somewhat not frozen off-screen or on-screen. There is a slight hint that some of the villains escaped such as Cheshire.
  • When the Titans are sighing at Beast Boy's joke, Lightning , Tramm, Mas y Menos, and Jericho are missing.
  • Although Kyd Wykkyd was in a heep pile with Mammoth, Gizmo, and Billy, however, Kyd Wykkyd was seen in a different way in the frozen collection. Kyd Wykkyd strangely was kneeling on the first row, instead of being piled with his partners.
  • After Robin gets unfrozen, he and Cyborg perform a combination attack (which defeats Phobia and Andre Le Blanc). There's a possibility that this is the "Sonic Boom" that the two developed in Divide and Conquer.
  • While Cyborg and Robin did their combination, Raven and Starfire also combined their powers.
  • In the flashback of the beginning of the episode, Madame Rouge disguised herself as Hot Spot in his power form and got Robin's communicator and quickly turned back into her real form, but in Trust, she got Robin's communicator disguised as Hot Spot's human form, waving good-bye to him, and smiling at him, evilly.
  • During the final battle, while Johnny Rancid was trying to escape, Argent uses her blasts to capture him. However, her blasts are shown to be the same fire blasts as Hot Spot's, instead of being red.
  • Even though Psimon hasn't spoke in the series, but in this episode, he grunted twice when Herald stepped on him, and he grunted again when Raven pounded him to the ground. The Wrestling Star was known to not speak in the series, but he has grunted a few times when he was fighting Pantha.
  • When the Brotherhood of Evil were presenting Robin to be frozen, all of the villains' arms were cheering and Mammoth's arm was seen. Oddly enough, Mammoth was seen running with Andre LeBlanc, Adonis, and Private H.I.V.E. in the hall to see Robin getting frozen, instead of staying with his companions at the main base to watch Robin suffer. Even though he was knocked out by Pantha in the hallway, he strangely returned out of nowhere in the final battle.
  • Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, AND Beast Boy's survival against their assailants, as well as Cyborg's statement, "Lesson number one: Never throw me down a hole, unless you make sure I stay there!" is possibly a very, very subtle reference to Aftershock - Part 1. Cyborg was also thrown down a hole in that episode, and the rest of Titans managed to regroup as Terra did not make sure that she had truly defeated them. The same happened in this episode, as the four managed to defeat their assailants and return to Beast Boy with reinforcements.
  • Beast Boy's leadership skills were truly put to the test in this episode, as he was forced to lead a ragtag team of Titans to rescue the others. He is no longer the immature, care-free kid that we saw in the beginning of the series. Here, he is a leader, one just as capable as Robin. However, he still found time to make the corny joke, "Brain Freeze", following their victory, much to the chagrin of the other Titans.
  • The Master of Games was supposed to be defeated by Pantha. However, he was briefly seen again in the final battle and accidentally defeated (which was ironic) by XL Terrestrial, when the giant alien was knocked down by Raven and Starfire and fell next to the Master of Games, which sent him flying off.
  • Although most of the Titans were sighing at Beast Boy's joke, but Wildebeest doesn't seem to care whether it's funny or not.
  • The flashbacks of the episode shows Cyborg giving a communicator to Pantha, Starfire gives one to Argent, Beast Boy gives one to Jericho, Raven gives one to Herald, Robin give one to Kole and Gnarrk, Robin leaves in his ship and "Hot Spot" reveals "himself" as a shapeshifted Rouge and got the communicator, Bumblebee lost consciousness and falls in the sky and Punk Rocket and Angel tried to capture her, Kitten rides on a giant moth and captures Starfire and the rest of the mutant moths attack Starfire and supposedly eat her alive, Mammoth pushes Cyborg into a chasm to his supposed demise, Tramm (who managed to defeat XL Terrestrial) joins Aqualad to face Trident and Plasmus, but they weren't able to stop the two villains and were defeated, and Raven was about to finish off Psimon, until Kyd Wykkyd attacks Raven, Psimon opens a portal, and Kyd Wykkyd throws Raven into the portal where she is banished to an unknown location.
  • Jericho is mute, but he is seen talking when he possesses Cinderblock and Private H.I.V.E.
  • Robin often prefers the idea of splitting up, while Beast Boy often states they should stick together. The flaw of Robin's mindset was ultimately exploited to great effect by the Brain, proving that Beast Boy was right about sticking together.
  • Madame Rouge monologues more than she does any effective fighting in the final battle.
  • When the original Titans revealed themselves, Robin's stomach and form changes in his frozen form.
  • The Titans that were victorious in their battles had to face two villains, such as Pantha (Adonis and Atlas), Herald (See-More and Warp), and Jericho, (Private Hive and Fang).
  • Although Raven is in her soul-self form when she is giving the communicator to Herald, the cold opening shows her with her normal body in his dimension.
  • Kole's hair is a different shade of pink than seen in Kole.
  • This episode is also one where the title is said in the script, in this case, Beast Boy cries out "Titans Together!" following Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven arriving with reinforcements.
  • Robin ends the episode with his signature battlecry, "Titans, Go!"
  • Raven remarks Doctor Light's cowardice at the end of the episode, perhaps hinting that she enjoys scaring the living daylights out of the villain.


  • Raven tells Melvin, Timmy, and Teether to just stay away from anyone older than them, which is rather odd considering every single villain (and hero no less) is older than the three of them.
  • The shape of Titans Tower near the end is a bit wider at the base than usual, this likely was an animation error.
  • When the original Titans return home to Titans Tower, they find out that the others have followed them back, and are rather shocked. It is very odd that they didn't notice, as there are at least 25 other Titans.


  • [In his lair, the Brain gloats]
    Brain: Patiently, we watched you all, waiting for our moment to strike. You forged your alliance. You trusted without cause and finally, when you thought your world was safe, it fell apart before your very eyes. You are merely pawns in a game and you have played your part perfectly. There is nowhere you can hide and there is nothing you can do to stop us. Each small victory brings us closer to an even greater prize — the elimination of an entire generation of heroes. And we owe it all to you, Robin. Your network has been crushed. Your friends have no way to communicate or follow your commands. Together, you may be formidable, but apart, you are lost, powerless, mine. You will fall, one by one. Who among you can possibly stop me, now?
    [On a deserted beach, Beast Boy destroys some robot commandos and his plane]
    Beast Boy: Now try and follow me.
  • Herald: How do we know his brother's here?
    Más: Porque, Trumpet Boy, nuestros poderes nos da una conexion magnetica. Lo más cercanos que estamos, lo más fuerte es nuestro enlace. Qué, no sabes nada? ["Because, Trumpet Boy, our powers gives a magnetic connection. The closer we are, the stronger is our link. What, you know nothing?"]
    [Herald stands there and grits his teeth in confusion]
    Pantha: He said it was a ... twin thing.
  • Private H.I.V.E.: [to Cinderblock] By the way: Nice catch, sir!
    Jericho [inside Cinderblock]: Thanks.
    [Everyone stops in surprise]
    Private H.I.V.E.: Since when have you been able to talk... sir?
    [The Titans leap into action with Jericho taking over Private H.I.V.E.'s body]
    Hey! Get out of me!
    Andre Le Blanc: What is the meaning of this?
    Pantha: It is called... an ambush.
  • Private H.I.V.E.: [with Jericho inside him] Quit hitting myself! Ungh! Quit hitting myself! Ungh!
  • Pantha: No one can escape the panther's claw!
  • [Heavily outnumbered in a room full of enemies]
    Beast Boy: I think we can take 'em!
    Pantha: I think you are correct!
  • Herald: [while fighting with Punk Rocket] I don't like your music!
  • Brain: Did you think your pathetic resistance could actually stop what I have created? Once again, Beast Boy, you fail. Madame Rouge, add them to the collection.
    Madame Rouge: Any final vords?
    Beast Boy: Yeah. I wouldn't stand there if I were you.
    [Busting out of the ground under Madame Rouge are Cyborg, Kole and Gnark]
    Cyborg: Lesson number one: never throw me down a hole unless you make sure I stay there!
    [Blasting through the ceiling comes Starfire, Red Star and Bumblebee]
    Starfire: The lesson two: we never give up!
    [Phasing through the ground come Raven, Melvin, Timmy, Teether and Bobby]
    Raven: Lesson three: your secret lair isn't very secret!
    Beast Boy: Titans, together!
  • [As the final battle rages]
    Cyborg: I don't even know where to begin.
    Beast Boy: I do. I'm not stopping until the Brain is mine!
    Cyborg: Well, let's get it started!
  • Más: Como funciona? ["How does it work?"]
    Menos: No tengo idea! Es más complicado que el Space Shuttle! ["I have no idea! It's more complicated than the Space Shuttle!"]
  • Madame Rouge: Is this part of the plan, leader?
    Brain: A minor annoyance.
    [Mas and Menos unfreeze the captured Titans and they join the battle]
    Madame Rouge: Your annoyance is no longer minor. I do things my way now.
    [She leaps into battle but Starfire tackles her and rams her into a wall]
  • [The five original Titans are reunited]
    Raven: So, does anyone actually have a plan?
    Starfire: Yes, we kick the butt!
    Cyborg: Just like old times!
    Beast Boy: Except better!
    Robin: Let's finish this!
  • [As Kid Flash clears the room and Más and Menos freeze the villains]
    Raven: Is this just me or is this getting easier?
    Madame Rouge: Children, when will you learn?
    [She gets tackled by Hot Spot and Wildebeest]
    Raven: Like I said.
  • Brain: A little something to keep them busy perhaps.
    [A huge robot army emerges from the floor]
    Cyborg: Aw, man! And just when this was starting to get fun!
  • Robin: It's over, Brain!
    Beast Boy: Isn't that obvious? Duh!
    Brain: Sometimes, the only way to win is to clear the fort completely. In only a moment, this entire base will be gone.
    [The Brain's metallic body is left behind as he makes his escape]
    Cyborg: It's a fusion device and a big one! I have no idea how to shut it down! We need a miracle!
    Starfire: No, we need a friend.
  • Herald: Any requests?
    Cyborg: Far away would be good!
    [Herald opens a portal to outer space. Cyborg and Starfire push the fusion device through the portal and the device explodes in space]
  • [The Brotherhood of Evil is defeated and the Brain captured]
    Cyborg: You know, for someone so smart, bringing all these guys together was pretty stupid.
  • Beast Boy: Dudes, check it out!
    [He throws the Brain into the freeze ray]
    Brain freeze! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    All the others: *groan*...
  • [Doctor Light breaks out of the bank with his loot]
    Cyborg: Maybe we ought to show him who he's up against!
    Raven: He's totally going to freak this time!
    [Almost thirty Titans prepare to attack one villain!]
    Robin: Titans go!
  • [Melvin, Timmy, Teether and Bobby look at Raven in awe]
    Raven: Ok Fine! Just stay away from anyone older than you!
    [The kids and Bobby go off to fight]
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