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"Titans East - Part 2" is the continuation of "Titans East - Part 1" and is the season finale of Season 3, which is a 'Cyborg arc'. It is the thirty-ninth episode of the Teen Titans series.


Cyborg, having defected to the Titans East, goes into a fallout and argument with Robin, explaining that he is now mature enough to lead a team and make his own decisions. Cyborg believes that Robin was not respecting his choices and hangs up on the latter. Meanwhile, the now brainwashed Titans East eavesdrop the two heroes' conversation and reports to Brother Blood, that he has broken the contact with the Teen Titans.

Cyborg defeated by the brainwashed Titans East

The next day, after combat practice, Cyborg rounds up the Titans East for breakfast. To his shock, Speedy shoots him, revealing that they are now under Brother Blood's control. Cyborg tries to call for backup, but his signal was jammed. He gets into a cat and mouse chase before being taken down by the Titans East. The defeated hero wakes up and finds himself bound on the operations table. He calls for the Titans East to snap out of their brainwash. Brother Blood then reappears with some shocking changes: he is now half robot, having used Cyborg's technology on himself. Brother Blood decides to convert Cyborg into a Cyclone, ordering the Titans East to take apart Cyborg. However they were ambushed by the original Titans just in time. With the original Titans in his way, Brother Blood announces that he intends to turn the Titans East into Cyclones as well, before teleporting away with the Titans East.

Titans East under Brother Blood's mind control

Robin explains that they received Cyborg's call anyway (though intermittent) and gives the lead to Cyborg to stop Brother Blood and save the Titans East. After edging past multiple Cyclones (exploiting Cyclone sight limitations by making themselves invisible with a blue shift shot), they find the villain in an operating room and intervened him, who was about to convert the Titans East into robots. Brother Blood sets the brainwashed heroes free and orders them to attack them. The Teen Titans fight the Titans East: (5 against 5) Robin fights Speedy, Cyborg fights Aqualad, Starfire fights Bumblebee, and Raven and Beast Boy fight Más y Menos, switching partners occasionally. As the fight progresses, Brother Blood suddenly jumps in and takes Cyborg away, on to the rooftop of the tower. In the verge of defeat, "Aqualad" calls for help, to which Brother Blood responds with Cyclone reinforcements.

Cyborg struggles in his fight against the newly enhanced Brother Blood

Brother Blood, having dodged Cyborg's attacks with ease, physically cripples the latter by breaking his arms and legs off, then brings in the captured Titans and Titans East. Blood demands to know what makes Cyborg resistant to his control, and Cyborg reveals that it is his spirit that leads him to success, which can't be taken apart. Cyborg taps from Cyclone parts and regenerates himself. Unable to fight off the restored robot, Blood ends up having his arms and legs broken off, with a flying kick from Cyborg knocking the villain out. Titans East are now free from his control. Brother Blood is then sent to jail.

Bumblebee thanks the Titans for saving the Titans East, while Más y Menos fights over Starfire. As Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire were watching the whole time, they sadly bid farewell to their old teammate. However, Cyborg decides that the Teen Titans need him more and rejoins. Cyborg resolves their problem of a team leader by saying, "You already have a leader, you just need to listen to her."


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  • From "Deception" to "Wavelength", Bumblebee proved immune to Brother Blood's mind control. However in this episode, she couldn't stop him, although she was the only Titans East member to be able to struggle a little.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Brother Blood in the series.
  • This is the second episode after "Divide and Conquer" where Cyborg defects from the Teen Titans group.
  • This is the first episode where the T-Ship is configured into the Jet T-Ship.
  • This is the second episode after "Winner Take All" where Robin and Speedy fight again.

Cultural references

  • Speedy was shown using an arrow with its tip inflating into a boxing glove, which was also used by his adoptive father and mentor, Green Arrow.


  • When Cyborg is just waking up from being defeated by his "team", both of his ears are human instead of his left ear being metal.
  • Brother Blood quotes "I believe it was Socrates who said, "If you can't beat 'em...join 'em.". However its earliest use could only be traced back to a 1932 Atlantic Monthly magazine, which reads "If you can’t lick ’em, jine (join) ’em".[1]


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