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: '''Raven''': I think she means crabby.
: '''Raven''': I think she means crabby.
*'''Aqualad''': Fish tacos? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I'm from the ocean. These were probably ''friends'' of mine.<br />'''Speedy''': You said get lunch, I got lunch. Chow down.
*'''Aqualad''': Fish tacos? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I'm from the ocean. These were probably ''friends'' of mine.
:'''Speedy''': You said get lunch, I got lunch. Chow down.
*'''Beast Boy: '''Raven stinks at video games. It's like she isn't even trying!
*'''Beast Boy: '''Raven stinks at video games. It's like she isn't even trying!
'''Raven: '''Just because you glued the controller to my hands, doesn't mean I wanna play.
'''Raven: '''Just because you glued the controller to my hands, doesn't mean I wanna play.

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Titans East - Part 1 is the season finale of season 3 and is therefore an important 'Cyborg arc' episode. It is the 38th episode of Teen Titans series and the twelfth episode of season 3.


Brother Blood stands on a hilltop overlooking Steel City. He tells his cloaked followers that he will build a new academy, this time with his former student Cyborg. Blood confronts a chained Steamroller and bends him to his will. Blood declares that Steamroller will help him find students for his new school.

Cyborg heads to Steel City on Robin's orders, in order to assist in the formation of the Titans East team. He arrives at their incomplete tower, where the Titans East are having their own personal disputes. Cyborg quickly calms them down and, with his guidance, try to finish completing their tower. They are interrupted by the appearance of Steamroller, who is attacking a local mine. The six of them tackle Steamroller, the first fight they had ever fought together as a team. At first the Titans East don't work together, and their attacks fail and hit each other instead. During the fight, Cyborg is attacked by Steamroller, who attaches a cable into Cyborg's circuits. Cyborg kicks him away and, with Cyborg's instructions, the Titans East successfully work together as a team and defeats Steamroller.

Now working as a team, the Titans East, along with Cyborg, they completed the Titans East Tower in no time. Unbeknownst to them, Brother Blood had actually used Steamroller as bait in order to steal the security keys for entering the Titans East Tower from Cyborg. Cyborg turns on some disco lights and reveals a disco ball, and announces that "It's party time"! Cyborg tries to invite Bumblebee to a dance, but Más y Menos interrupts them and insist on playing video games with Cyborg. He is excused from playing when Robin contacts Cyborg and informs him of Professor Chang's escape from prison. Robin tells Cyborg to return to Jump City, and Cyborg reluctantly agrees to this plan. Mas y Menos try to dissuade him from leaving but Cyborg insists it is for the best. As he is about to board the T-Car, Aqualad and Bumblebee reveal that they want Cyborg to stay as leader of Titans East. Tempted by the offer, Cyborg gets no time to give a response when suddenly the power goes out and the security in the tower goes down. They are ambushed by Brother Blood's purple cloaked followers, who attack them with a sonic cannon built into their arms. Bumblebee pulls off the hood of one of them, revealing them to be robotic clones of Cyborg.

Left outnumbered, the Titans East split up to find the Main Ops room, where they can turn on the security in the tower. Each of them are ambushed by the Cyclones and taken captive. Meanwhile, Cyborg arrives at Ops, where he runs into Brother Blood. Blood tells him that the Tower will be the new H.I.V.E. Academy. Brother Blood attacks Cyborg, dodging all his attacks and fighting him with ease. Blood reveals that even though he no longer has Cyborg's blueprints, he has a photographic memory, enabling him to remember vital parts of Cyborg's blueprints. This is what allowed Blood to build the Cyclones using Cyborg's technology. Blood rips through Cyborg's circuitry, desperate to find the piece which allows Cyborg to resist Blood's mind controlling powers. Blood digs too deep into Cyborg's circuit, finally hitting his power cell, which shoots a large burst of energy at Blood, throwing him across the room. Before Brother Blood can attack Cyborg again, Cyborg activates the security systems, spawning many lasers around the room, each of them firing at Blood. Blood is knocked out the window and falls into the sea. Cyborg's power cell finally runs dry and he powers out.

Cyborg regains consciousness and sees the Titans East bearing down at him. They tell him that they are all right, and that they were saved after Cyborg reset the security in the tower. Speedy asks him again if he wishes to stay as leader of Titans East, but once again they are interrupted, this time by Robin, who tells him that the Teen Titans need him back. Cyborg apologetically replies that the Titans East "need him more". Cyborg hangs up on Robin and officially announces to the Titans East that he accepts the offer to stay and be leader.

After Cyborg retires to his room for some rest, Aqualad pulls out a H.I.V.E. Communicator and informs Brother Blood that they have achieved his objective, with Blood's voice praising them. The eyes of the five turn red and glow in the darkness, revealing that they've been brainwashed.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters



  • Cyborg: And maybe if I stick around long enough I'll get another chance to bring down Blood. PERSONALLY!
Robin: And even if you don't, a little time away from home might do you good.
Starfire: Agreed. You have been somewhat lobstery lately. (Starfire grins sheepishly. The other Titans look at her with raised eyebrows.)
Raven: I think she means crabby.
  • Aqualad: Fish tacos? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I'm from the ocean. These were probably friends of mine.
Speedy: You said get lunch, I got lunch. Chow down.
  • Beast Boy: Raven stinks at video games. It's like she isn't even trying!

Raven: Just because you glued the controller to my hands, doesn't mean I wanna play.

  • Mas Y Menos: Esto es ridículo! Parecemos aficionados! Somos seis contra uno, tenemos que ganar! Pero ella está en nuestro camino y estos dos se están disparando, y este viejo nos está jodiendo! (Both start crying, then duck away) (Translation: "This is ridiculous! We look like amateurs! We're six against one, we have to win! But she's in our way, and these two are shooting at each other, and this old guy is just screwing us over!")
    Speedy: What they said.
    Bumblebee: I hate to say it, but Sparky is right. We aren't working like a team.
    Cyborg: We are now. Follow my lead!
  • Brother Blood: School is in session and here's the first lesson: NO ONE DEFIES BROTHER BLOOD!!!
  • Speedy: (To Bumblebee) So, who died and made you queen, anyhow?
    Bumblebee: Well, maybe you could call the shots if you spent more time working, and less time messing with your hairdo!
  • Bumblebee: (To Cyborg, sarcastically) Welcome aboard the happy train! We're having loads of fun! (starts to violently smash a supercomputer.)
  • Cyborg: When there's trouble you know what to do: Call Cyborg! He can shoot a rocket from his shoe! 'Cause he's Cyborg! To the tune of something like that... Oh yeah! Na, na, na, na, big fluffy cat... That's right!
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