Titanimal Kingdom is the eleventh episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


The short starts off as what it appears to be a documentary on "Titanimals" by Mumbo.

In the first segment, a hungry Starfire chases a rat and tries to take a bite, only for it to explode in size, becoming an enormous rodent.



Next, Cyborg is seen running away from bees for meddling with beehives. While hiding behind a tree, Cyborg claims that he did not do it. Mumbo then waves his wand for beehives to appear on Cyborg's "claws", and the latter began to run away from the incoming swarms of bees, screaming.

The screen turns to Robin in the middle of office cubicles, writing a note on a typewriter (apparently calling for help), before Mumbo waves his wand away to reveal the next segment: Raven (reluctantly) playing tea party with Melvin.


"Now who's extinct?"

At the end of the documentary, Mumbo explains that the Titanimals are an endangered species, because he is "going to make them extinct". Suddenly Robin snatches his wand away and subsequently captures Mumbo with his "tail", with Cyborg destroying the television screen. Raven then waves the wand to turn Mumbo into a dodo and says "Now who's extinct?".




  • Some errors in Robin's typewriter note includes:
    • "Mumbo has me chain"
    • A sentence starts with the word "someone" without a capital 'S'


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