Titanic Ambush is an online Cartoon Network game. Click here to play this game.





Four Titans (From Clockwise: Robin, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire) are positioned at the center of the screen and must destroy all enemies to advance to the next level. Players start with 5 lives. Each time the enemy hits a Titan, one life is lost.


  • Robin: Throws birdarangs ahead
  • Raven: Repel enemies for a short distance
  • Cyborg: Shoots sonic cannon ahead
  • Starfire: Shoots starbolts diagonally
  • Beast Boy: Once activated, clears all enemies on the screen


  • Q Key: Rotate to the left
  • W Key: Rotate to the right
  • Arrow Keys: Activate each Titan's special power (depending on their position)
  • E Key: Eliminates all on-screen enemies (titled "Beast Boy's Special Power")
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