Timoko is one of Brushogun's creations that first appeared in the movie of Teen Titans. He is Cyborg's enemy who tried to eat him. Timoko is a yellow robot has a gigantic huge round body and a head full of sharp teeth and he uses his razor sharp blade-like claws to slice his enemies like sushi. He chopped Cyborg in half and swallowed him. His arms can stretch to reach and grab his enemies. Cyborg almost got eaten and got his pieces back together and eventually defeated both Timoko and Nya-Nya. It was cloned along Brushogun's other creations but faded away after Uehara Daizo's defeat. He is voiced by Janice Kawaye.


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Powers and Abilities

Super Strength: Timoko has incredible strength matching those of Cyborg's.

Flight: Timoko can fly when spinning his arms extremely fast.

Robotic Abilities: Timoko contains numerous robotic abilities, such as stretchable arms, razor sharp blade-like claws, and very sharp teeth.

Perpetual Appetite: Timoko has a perpetual appetite for many types of edible and inedible things.

Enhanced Endurance: Timoko has high endurance, and can survive the harshest of blasts.