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Quote1.pngFoolish lackeys! You do not stand a chance against THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!Quote2.png
―Thunder and Lightning[src]

Thunder and Lightning are two supernatural brothers and former incidental enemies who are later established as honorary members of the Teen Titans.

Character history

"Forces of Nature"

The origin of Thunder and Lightning is unknown, but it is apparent that they are of supernatural origin rather than human, and are often referred to as "The Forces of Nature" in both the show and the comics. Their lack of connection to humanity conditioned a lack of responsibility in regard to the destructiveness of their powers, which they used to have fun. They came into conflict with the Titans when their search for fun wreaked havoc all over Jump City. Beast Boy was the first to realize that the brothers were not malevolent, just irresponsible, and slowly managed to persuade Thunder that their way of having fun was way too destructive. Before Thunder had an opportunity to properly think about it and sway his brother, however, they were befriended by Slade (in the guise of an weak man) who claimed to be a mystic. Via ritual magic, he used the unwitting brothers' powers to create a powerful fire monster to destroy the city. Finally realizing what they had done, Thunder and Lightning made amends by creating a rainstorm which doused and extinguished the fire creature. The two apologized to the Titans for their previous actions and thanked Beast Boy for making them see sense. In turn, Beast Boy told them to thank Starfire, who had also taught him about how mischief can hurt others and how just because something is fun, does not make it right.

Brotherhood of Evil

At some unknown point later, they were made Honorary Titans. Later, the brothers were targeted by the Brotherhood of Evil, who was attempting to destroy young superheroes all around the world. While Lightning was attacked by Overload and tried to fire back Overload's attacks, Thunder was attacked by Steamroller and I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. while trying to defeat them with sound waves. Both were defeated, flash-frozen, and added to the Brotherhood's victory collection, but during the Titans' assault on the Brotherhood's base, they were freed by Más y Menos and joined the fight, helping to defeat the assembled villains. Thunder was seen making an electrical wave that threw off Warp and Trident. Lightning was seen performing a flying charge during the battle but not seen landing any strikes. Afterward, they were seen mingling with the other Titans in Titans Tower and later helped bring Doctor Light to justice once more.

Powers and Abilities

Thunder and Lightning share the elemental powers found in a thunderstorm. Lightning is able to release bolts of electricity and harness lightning, hence his name, while Thunder creates powerful sonic thunderblasts which he can control to varying degrees. Combined, their powers are capable of creating rainstorms. They also have flight capabilities: While Lightning transforms the lower half of his body into electricity, allowing him to fly, Thunder uses a cloud which carries him. As brothers, the two share a psychic link that allows them to communicate with each other. While in the sky, these brothers can teleport themselves to anywhere they desire.



Teen Titans Thunder and Lightning Redeem Themselves

Lightning is rather impatient and mischievous. He doesn't like it when people stand in his way, and prefers to "play". Thunder is also fun-loving, but more patient and able to see the deeper picture in situations. Both are very caring, however, and treat each other like real brothers.


Teen Titans

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  • The two are based on the early Teen Titans enemy duo of the same names. Like in the cartoon, they turned out not to be evil, and ended up becoming allies of the Teen Titans.
    • In their original appearance, they are half Vietnamese, and later revealed to be half-alien. While this is not stated in the cartoon, their armor looks similar to that used in various parts of Asia.
  • Lightning was not seen at the end of "Titans Together", groaning at Beast Boy's joke.
  • As of the recent comic book mainline continuity and other animated series, the name of Thunder and Lightning are given to Black Lightning’s daughters, Annisa and Jennifer Pierce.
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