• Hello there! I think that, whatever you think if the movie is or isnt canon, doesnt matter. There is no confirmation if it is or if it isnt. So we shouldnt make assumptions. Its still a Teen Titans movie with the same characters from the 2003 series, so thats good enough to include it in the wiki. Of course its different and more TTG focused, but I dont think that takes away its "continuity". The whole movie is about alternate universes and such, so it makes sense in its own way.

    Just my opinion. I think we should remove the "its not canon" part of the TTGvsTT wiki.

    And also, some of the fan reviews you posted are very negative biased. I have seen more light and positive comments too of people who really enjoyed it.

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    • It stands as it is, any editing of it, and it goes straight to one of the mods.

      It is not canon, regardless. I just said why on that blog discussion nearly 12 hours ago. Maybe you should read my post again.

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    • Yep I read it and I get what you are saying. It just bothers me how it clearly says "not canon" when there is no official confirmation. If I edit the page, its just to add info/pictures, not to change what you posted x)

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    • Fair enough, look I apologise if I was being sharp there, it just doesn't make sense for it to canon, it doesn't need confirmation, because its called analysising the film, sure am just like everyone else that isn't a news source much but it has no intention of being canon in the first place, its like as I said again, The Dark Knight Trilogy is based on DC Comics, but it has no part on the Multiverse, it isn't tied to the DCEU or any other DC stuff. This is something that we need to take into account, Multiverse or not, if Teen Titans GO! was canon to its 03-06, then none of it makes sense and my whole childhood has suddenly all become a lie. I don't like Teen Titans GO! at all, I have no respect for it.

      the negativity isn't baised by all means of what I put, its just what I understand that has being criticised, The film is a very diversed thing, that cannot be ignored, sure it has its own fanbase, but the film is more mixed-negative then positive.

      ​​​​​I put a simple thing of criticism anyway as soon as you start reading that wiki.

      "The film released to positive reviews via critics, however audiences and fans gave the film mixed-negative reviews. Praise came to the return of the 03-06 return and the action, but the characters, humor, animation and story were heavy criticisms."

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    • Ok good, I didnt read that part. Reaction from OG fans has been mixed-negative, I agree. But some fans did like it for what it is. It might be the last time we see the "original" characters, so...

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    • Thats some, as I said, its a diversed movie ,which means there is positives and negatives. which is what "mixed-negative" is, unfortuantly, there is more negative then positive judging by results so far.

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