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NOTE: As of 2020, this page will no longer be edited or open to the public, if you want a full explaination as to why, see the comment I have made below, what you read here is mostly accurate information about the season we never got. If you have any further information on what plans we was going to get, please contact me on the Teen Titans Discord wiki server we have running or leave a message on my wall. Minor edits were done in 2021, but nothing major change or added. - Darkmaster345.

Teen Titans: Season 6 was an unproduced season and the sixth overall in the animated series and last of the series. The season was supposed to focus on Starfire, until Warner Bros. cancelled the season; it was supposed to air between 2006-2007. The information down below will tell the story of the unproduced and lost season that the show never got. To this day, many fans across the globe protest for the sixth season to be released by Warner Bros., but to no success. As of 2020, no news of a revival has been discussed. In 2021, A spin-off titled "Teen Titans: The Night Begins to Shine" a spin-off to Teen Titans GO! is in the works. Denting and doubting more chances of an original sixth season to happen.


In mid-November 2005, TitansTower.com reported that prospects for a sixth season were looking extremely unlikely [1], and fans were urged to express their support for the show to Cartoon Network. Several days after this initial posting, word came that Cartoon Network had officially terminated the show. According to Wil Wheaton, the actor who provided the voice of Aqualad, the series was terminated by new Warner Bros. Feature Animation executives who made the decision not to renew the series based on its sixth season pitch. Wheaton's story was contradicted by series story editor Rob Hoegee, who stated that the decision came from Cartoon Network, not WB, and that the crew was informed during the writing phase of season five, that there were no plans for a sixth season. The show's producer David Slack indicated that he was given different reasons for the show's cancellation: either the ratings dropped after the "scary" season 4 or Mattel wanted the show dead because Bandai had the show's toy deal. Cartoon Network announced that Mattel had become its "master toy licensee" in 2006.

Sometime in 2012, Warner Bros. made some shorts on DC Nation, with the Teen Titans in their 03-06 designs, but more "childish" in stature, and the shorts were designed as comedy. In 2013, Teen Titans GO! was announced as a TV Series, but this time as a parody to the show, this was met with a cold reception by the original Teen Titans fans.

In 2019, Teen Titans GO! crossed over with its counterparts of the feature DTV movie Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, the feature gained positive reviews by critics, but audiences and fans alike give the film negative reviews. Director Jeff Mednikow has said that the film was supposed to bring back the original series for a sixth season but "only if the film [did] well in sales"; unfortunately, the film completely failed in sales, making just over $307,957 in sales, making it the lowest selling DC Animation features to date.

As of 2020, no news has been discussed of a potential revival.


The following details of the story are listed below:

  • Starfire was to be the main character of the season
  • Blackfire would be the main antagonist of the season.
  • The Gordanian leader Trogaar would have returned.
  • According to rumors, the series was supposed to be inspired by alien invasions, just like Justice League: The Animated Series, with Jump City getting overrun.
  • The Titans were set to go into space more.
  • Terra would have returned with knowledge of her powers.
  • The "real" Slade would have returned after disappearing in Season 4.
  • Apparently there were to be hints of a finale ending where Robin becomes Nightwing, and Raven becomes White Raven (similar to How long is forever?)
  • Season 6 was to have a much darker tone and change of atmosphere compared to previous seasons; there were also minor rumors, that the series was to be directed at an older audience.
  • Some of the Titans from Season 5 would have returned.
  • Beast Boy and Raven would have confessed their feelings to each other.
  • Robin and Starfire relationship would have expanded in more detail.
  • Was set to be the last season of the series.
  • Rumors was set for the series to go onto [adult swim] Toonami. However due to the launch of DC universe in 2018, many fans believe the sixth season would release on the streaming service.
  • The season would be of being more mature, with UK releases being a 12 and USA being a PG-13


Many reports have stated that the main feature is Due to the audience growing up, Producers wanted the show to have a more mature approach to the series, to build with the generation that its growing up with, however writer Rob Hoegee stated that many of the scripts that the production team for Teen Titans, WB hasn't being impressed with. Wil Wheaton who plays as Aqualad expressed the show was terminated by Warner Bros. before production could even begin on Season 6, but after reports, Rob Hoegee and returning head-writer and developer David Slack returned to develop scripts for a sixth season only to fall flat.

On January 10th 2020, Glen Murakami posted a photo of Rose Wilson/Ravager for the first time. Many fans believe she was a character that was used for Season 6. [2]

On July 13th 2020, Glen Murakami posted a second photo, showing the first look of Nightwing for maybe Season 6. However the concept design was appearently an early design of Robin that was drawn in 2002. [3]


Many characters from the previous seasons would have returned, however these are the known ones who were set to return:


As said in the scripts and story, the setting of Teen Titans: Season 6 would vary, from Jump City to going into space. Tamaran would have likely been featured also.


The cancellation of the sixth season of Teen Titans has left a saddening and frustrating legacy to the community and fans alike: Fans have being desperate since the cancellation to have some closure for the series and started loads of petitions to get the show renewed for one last season; however, over the course of the last 2 decades, Warner Bros. has not forgotten the teenager superhero group. DC Creative officer and former DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns stated in 2010 that the Teen Titans was an "important product" to the DC Universe and said the animated show was what made the group more "popular"

Warner Bros. has since made new content for the Teen Titans but it was not living up to standards like people wanted it to: in 2016, a film titled "Justice League Vs. Teen Titans", that is featured in the DC Animated Movie Universe, was released, and featured Robin/Damian Wayne, Starfire, Nightwing, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Raven and Cyborg; the following year in 2017, a sequel titled "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract" was released, featuring Robin/Damian Wayne, Starfire, Nightwing, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Raven and Terra being a part of the superhero team. Praise came to the films for using the format and team people love, just like the animated series and comics, but criticism was directed at the voice acting.

In 2018, a live action show titled "TITANS", starring Brenton Thwaites as Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven/Rachel Roth and Ryan Potter as Garfield "Gar" Logan, was released. The show has gained a mixed reception from fans and critics alike, but praise once again, came to the format and roster it used that fans loved. In 2019, Season 2 of the show was released to a more welcoming and warm reception and featured Slade/Deathstroke as the main villian. The show, however, was more for mature audiences and aimed for a darker tone. A third season is in the works that will air fall 2020. However due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the show has being delayed. Titans Season 3 will air on July 22nd 2021.

On, December 3rd 2019, Warner Bros. released the remastered complete series of Teen Titans on blu-ray. [4]

Warner Bros. have stated many times that a Teen Titans live action movie was in development, but this has yet to be seen. The last information on this was heard in 2013, when Man Of Steel was released.

On Febuaray 17th 2021. Warner Bros. announces that a Teen Titans GO! spin-off titled "Teen Titans: The Night begins to shine" is in the works, this dents more chances of a sixth season happening.

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