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The Source[src]

The Source is the leader of a hostile alien race called Newfu and a special enemy of Beast Boy.

Character history

The Source was the leader of an alien task force which came to Earth to collect power sources for their technology - which happened to be plain live cows. In order to coordinate its activities, it disguised its mothership as a newly founded fast-food restaurant, Mega Meaty Meat. From there it sent out collector ships to collect cows from the outlying farms and created an entity from its own substance named Bob, who posed as the restaurant's manager to maintain their cover. After having collected enough cows, the Source intended to use a super weapon called Destruct-o-tron to destroy the Earth for good measure as well. To complete its disguise, the Source used its own body substance as a "nutritious meat-free" replacement for the scarce-growing meat.

The farm raids soon called the Teen Titans upon the scene, but each time they apprehended a collector vessel, it managed to give them the slip. At the same time, Beast Boy desired to improve his mobility by getting himself his dream vehicle: a moped. He tried his hands at various jobs, but the only offer still left for him was working at the Meaty Meat restaurant - a horror for a sworn vegan. Nevertheless, Beast Boy was quickly swayed when Bob offered him a special price: his very own dream moped, to be granted to the employee of the month.

Finally, Beast Boy discovered the restaurant's secret and learned of the Source's existence. In order to stop its plans, he kidnapped the Source and started interrogating it; while the Source would initially not reveal information on its own volition, Beast Boy managed to persuade it by threatening to eat it for lunch. Subsequently, Beast Boy singlehandedly succeeded in thwarting the alien scheme, but his efforts were somewhat nullified when his over-stressed new B-Ped collapsed into a scrap pile and the Source was inadvertently consumed by a hungry Cyborg.

Later, after The Source's re-incarcerated in Cyborg, he was released at the other end. The Brotherhood of Evil found him, healed him and allowed him to join the ranks of the Brotherhood along with his minions of Bobs. The Source and one of the Bobs made a cameo appearance among the recruits for the Brotherhood of Evil in "Homecoming - Part 2". The Source wasn't seen participating in the final battle, but was seen as one of the flash-frozen enemies.


The Source typically acts like a deranged and overconfident alien invader, who commands a squad of UFOs that fly through areas in search of cows. It created a legion of human-like Bobs sworn to carry out the insidious Newfu plot while fashioning meat-free burgers for "Mega Meaty Meat" on the side. Certain his plan will prevail, The Source didn't count on Beast Boy uncovering and ruining it. The Source's main weakness and undoing is that it effectively passes for a large block of delicious tofu.

Power and Abilities

Contrary to its gloating, the Source had only one significant ability: To create a theoretically limitless amount of Newfu to be shaped into an equally inexhaustible number of Bobs. Other than that, its capabilities were extremely limited.


Teen Titans

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  • The creators of the series admitted that the episode "Employee of the Month" was made overly silly - even for Teen Titans standards - on purpose and later wondered what was going on in their minds at that time.
  • The Source seems to share the same vocabulary and personality as Zim from Nickelodeon's Invader Zim. Indeed, Richard Horvitz himself was almost considered for the role, but was turned down at the audition because the producers believed that if he were hired for the part, it would create a situation where viewers would immediately recognize the character's voice and personality, so Rob Paulsen was cast instead.