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Quote1.png The gem was born of evil's fire. The gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim, he comes to sire, the end of all things mortal.Quote2.png
―The prophecy of Trigon's coming to our dimension

"The Prophecy" is the forty-sixth episode of the Teen Titans series and the seventh episode of the Season Four.


Ever since their encounter with Slade in "Birthmark", Beast Boy, Robin and Cyborg have been up day and night trying to figure out why he is after Raven and what does the symbol and his forehead mean. Raven still hasn't told her friends the truth and is trying to find a way to stop the prophecy on her own. When the team find Slade he leads them to an abandoned library, they finally discover the truth about the prophecy and Raven's destiny.


After their previous confrontation with Slade, the Titans begin to wonder why he has returned. Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg determine that the symbol on Slade's forehead is not from Earth. Robin vows to find out what the symbol means. Meanwhile, Raven is having a vision of the future, in which Slade taunts Raven by telling her time is running out. Raven states that she is not afraid, to which Slade replies he is not the one she should be afraid of.  She denies the prophecy that she will destroy the world is true, and says she will not let it happen. Slade tells her that it is what she was born to do, and visions of a destroyed and ruined Titans Tower, as well as views of Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy being held by little ghost type demons, turned completely to stone. She awakens from the trance just as Robin comes to talk to her. At this moment, an alarm sounds.

The Titans quickly rush to the scene (a section of the city scheduled for demolition) only to get easily beaten by Slade, who uses his demonic fire powers to his advantage. Slade has another message delivered; he explains: The "S" is the Mark of Skath and there is something at the library that provides even more information about Raven's destiny. The Titans travel to the abandoned city library, only to find another Mark of Skath, which reveals a secret underground path that leads to another chamber. In there, statues begin to speak of the prophecy and the "gem".

Shocked by the recent happenings, Raven leaves her teammates for the moment and travels to Azarath to speak with her mother, Arella, who sadly explains that it is too late, and suddenly the whole place is revealed as an illusion, and the reality is that Trigon has already disposed of the city and killed its inhabitants.

Back at the library, the Titans find several more Marks of Skath that lead to a chamber where Slade awaits. He claims that the "gem" is missing and it will open the portal to bring Trigon to the mortal world.

Raven finally returns, glowing with the mark of Skath, and beats Slade down, refusing to accept her destiny and telling Slade to tell her father to destroy her before she assists him. The Titans are shocked at Raven's glowing appearance, and after she defeats Slade does she finally tell them her dark destiny: she is the daughter of Trigon the Terrible, also known as Skath, and that she is the "gem" that will summon the demon lord to Earth. Raven also reveals that her destiny is dark, and that it is impossible to change the inevitable. To her surprise, her teammates vow never to let the End of the World occur.

Meanwhile, Slade informs Trigon that the prophecy has been foretold which he then says that Slade may one day "reclaim what he lost" if he continues to prove himself.


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  • Silkie makes a cameo in the episode. He jumps up and eats the red piece of food from the paper when it is thrown back.
  • Cyborg cries when the Titans are falling in the library.
  • Near the end of the episode, the Titans were looking out the window to be greeted by sunrise, and then cut to the outside of Titans Tower to reveal a new day. However, this was accompanied by a darker tone of music, unlike most sunrise shots in the series which normally represented a brighter tone. This was the only time in the series where a daytime shot of Titans Tower was used for a darker atmosphere.
  • This episode, along with others referring to the season's main plot, has Raven begging either Slade or Trigon to leave her friends out of this, and every time, they coldly respond that she is the one who dragged them into this.
  • Slade mentions that he is actually enjoying working for someone else, a reference to his role as a mercenary in the comics.
    • They may not have know his name, as it was not stated there.
  • Starfire reveals Trigon's cruelty is known to Tamaran as well.


  • This was possibly the darkest episode of the season, and even the series as a whole, besides Haunted, which was also one of the darkest of the series.
  • In the episode "Go!", Raven claimed if they knew anything about who she really was, they would not want her around. Robin clearly stated he knew enough, and still welcomed her as a friend. With her destiny now openly revealed, Robin (as well as the others) remained firm in his loyalty to Raven, signifying their tight friendship.
  • To Beast Boy and Cyborg, they should not have been surprised that Raven's father was Trigon because in the episode "Nevermore", they had already found out.
    • This is probably due to Trigon's name not mentioned, therefore not knowing the identity of the demon in their previous encounter.
  • Additionally, Starfire also should not have been surprised that Trigon was Raven’s father, because in “Switched” she already knows about Raven’s backstory since she told her.
    • This is probably due to the fact that Raven likely told Starfire a highly edited version of her backstory, either omitting Trigon entirely or simply referring to him as someone "very evil and powerful".
  • This episode marks the second time a Titan has used lethal force against a villain, when Raven unleashed the full brunt of her demonic powers on Slade when she returns to save her friends. She crushes him with a large, stone block, flings him around like a rag doll, which certainly would have broken several of his bones, crushes him again with another large stone block, then crushes him yet agains with several smaller rocks, then unleashes her Soul Self right at him, causing a huge explosion at his location. It is safe to say that if Slade was not allied with Trigon and did not have his immortality, then he would have been dead several times over.

Cultural references

  • When Starfire gasps at seeing Cyborg fall, she is animated like a Disney Toon character.
  • This episode is similar to Generator Rex: A Brief History of Time for these reasons. An abandoned library/Sphinx was left for Providence Defect Group/Teen Titans to find more secrets, Van Kleiss with help of Breach/Raven traveling through dimensions to end a circumstance until Rex Salazar, Bobo Haha, Dr. Holiday/Teen Titans attack Slade/Van Kleiss until at the end of the episode they counsel with Black Knight/Trigon at the end of the episode.


Raven: (menacingly) I told you to leave them out of this!
Slade: How sweet. You've come back to save your friends. But you're only delaying their pain... (warms up both hands) ...and yours.
Raven: Well, what are you waiting for? (crossing to him) Aren't you going to attack? Reduce me to ashes? Or did your master forbid you from hurting me? (He recoils a bit at this.) Did he order you to keep his gem safe?
Cyborg: (to the others) So Raven has the gem?

Robin: (putting it together) No. (Back to her; he continues o.c.) Raven is the gem.

Raven: The ancient order used the name "Skath" to protect the true identity of their master. We know him as Trigon. (This is the first time to date that her father's name has been mentioned on camera; Cyborg recoils in shock upon hearing it.)
Cyborg: Are you serious? That's who we're up against? Oh, man!
Starfire: His cruelty is legendary, even on my world.
Beast Boy: So, what makes you go all glowy in the dark?
Raven: It's a warning. It means Trigon is coming, and the way he gets here is through me. I'm not just a person. I'm a portal.
Robin: (sitting next to her) But, Raven, why you?
Raven: Because...Trigon... is my father. (Cut to Robin, Cyborg and Starfire, whose eyes are now ready to jump loose and go into orbit at this bit of news, then back to Raven. Beast Boy is equally flabbergasted; he and Cyborg have just realized that they made his acquaintance in "Nevermore" without even knowing it.) Bad things are going to happen soon. (crosses to the windows) Really bad things. And it's gonna be my fault. I thought I could handle this alone. I tried...but...I was wrong. (Starfire's hand lands on one shoulder and turns her away from the glass.)
Starfire: For confiding in us, we are most humbled. (Robin and Cyborg join the pair.)
Cyborg: I only have one question. How do we stop him?
Raven: We don't. (Beast Boy approaches, smiling.)
Beast Boy: But that doesn't mean we still can't try.


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