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"The Lost Episode" is a special episode only shown on Postopia.com, as part of an online campaign to promote the Teen Titans series. It was later released on DVD as an extra feature on Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo on February 6, 2007 and online that started on January 10, 2005. According to sources, this episode is set shortly after "Can I Keep Him?", but before "Titans East"


One night, a crowd of people have gathered in Jump City's concert hall listen to a classical concert. A person above them, however, protests the serene and quiet nature of the music, leaps onto the stage and starts strummng his electric guitar, releasing sonic waves so powerful that they blow away everything in their path - primarily the unlucky audience.

Meanwhile, at Titans Tower, Robin and Cyborg are playing video games, Raven is reading, and Starfire is making her favorite Tamaranean dish, the Glork Supreme. Beast Boy comes in with a stereo, playing some loud music. Cyborg asks Beast Boy to turn his stereo down, but ignores him. Cyborg angrily yells at Beast Boy to turn down his stereo, but gets beaten by Robin in his video game due to him being distracted by Beast Boy’s loud stereo. Beast Boy then has the fatal idea to literally rock the house by connecting his boom box to the central power unit, triggering an immense short ciruit which temporarily disables the Tower's electrical systems. As the other Titans berate him, it turns out that Beast Boy has a major case of wax plugging in his ear canals. After having to endure the criticisms of his friends, he decides to put the plug back in place when the Titans are alerted to Punk Rocket wreaking havoc.

The Teen Titans arrive at the concert hall and begin fighting Punk Rocket, but they are unable to defeat him because of the extremely strong sonic waves from his guitar, which are powerful enough to deflect even Cyborg's own sonic blasts and disrupt Raven's dark aura manifestations. And to make things worse, Punk Rocket reveals a wall of stereo speakers hidden behind the main curtain and connects his guitar to it. The resultant amplification gives the Titans titanic earaches and threatens to scramble Cyborg's circuits. Inspired by a brilliant idea, and protected from the guitar's noise by his ear wax, Beast Boy confronts Punk Rocket, taunting him that his music is still not loud enough. Punk Rocket cranks up the volume with each challenge, but as it reaches its highest, the stress proves to much for the speakers, which blow up and short-circuit Punk Rocket's guitar. As he weeps over his beloved instrument, Raven telekinetically animates a nearby cable and trusses him up, ready for the authorities to pick up.

The next day at the Tower, as before, all the Titans are engaged in yesterday's activities. Beast Boy once more comes in with his stereo cranked up high and attempts to talk to them, but they ignore him. Finally, he leaves, and just after the door has closed behind him, the rest of the Titans remove their earplugs. They all asked "What?" and Cyborg asks "Did he just say something?"


  • While Starfire is making her Glork Supreme, Silkie can be seen eating the Glork Supreme.
  • Despite being an extra feature for Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, sources have claimed this episode takes place after "Can I Keep Him?", but before "Titans East - Part 1".
  • The electric generator in the Titans' op room appears to have a Type D or M plug outlet, despite the Titans Tower being set in America where Type A and B are used.
  • From this episode, Robin appears to wear black socks under his boots.


  • This is the only episode with half the run time of all other episodes (approximately 12 minutes).
  • In the concert audience several people previously seen in the Teen Titans series appear in cameos: villains Wintergreen and the H.I.V.E. Headmistress are seen holding hands, and Mad Mod (in his old form); Mumbo (in his human form) leads the orchestra; the two old ladies from the fish store in "Revolution"; and the soap opera character Rebecca, the talk show host (James Lipton) and Dr. Victor Payton from "Episode 257-494".
  • The song playing on Beast Boy's stereo is the same song Robin is listening to in "How Long is Forever?" in an attempt to drown out Cyborg and Beast Boy's fighting implying that Beast Boy and Robin might like the same kind of music.
  • Starfire had to cover her ears during Punk Rocket's speaker blast, yet she has no problem with the loud music heard in "Betrothed".

Cultural references

  • When all the people are running out of the building, a woman can be seen floating down on an umbrella. This is an obvious Mary Poppins reference.
  • The music played at the concert before Punk Rocket disrupts it is "Spring" from Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons".


  • As the tower suffers an overload from Beast Boy's stereo, some of the Glork Supreme spilled onto Raven. After the power comes back on, Raven is shown clean from the glop.
  • The Titans were forced back by the shockwaves from Punk Rocket's first blast, yet they were able to withstand the more powerful subsequent blasts.
  • Towards the end of the episode, the Titans Tower is shown in daylight, however from the screenshot of the Titans pulling their ear plugs it appears to be at night.


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