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The Great Race is issue #34 of Teen Titans Go!.


Kid Flash challenges Más y Menos to a race around the world as a charity fundraiser, but they have to get through both villains and groupies to reach the finish line.



  • The timeline of the comic may be placed sometime between Lightspeed and Calling All Titans!, given the following conditions:
    • Some of the villains that were frozen at the end of Titans Together (e.g. Gizmo, Ding Dong Daddy) appeared in the comic.
    • A possible image of Terra wearing her school uniform.
    • Kid Flash had started a relationship with Jinx.
      • If the H.I.V.E. Five team had found out about their relationship through TV broadcast, it would be a continuity mistake with Titans Together.
  • List of checkpoints:
    • Titans Tower
    • Japan
    • The Great Wall, China
    • Africa
    • Antarctica
    • The Andes
    • London, UK
    • New York City, USA
  • At the first checkpoint, Kid Flash quoted "May the speed force be with you", which is a reference to a phrase commonly used in the Star Wars franchise, and "Beep! Beep!", similar to the Looney Tunes' Roadrunner.


  • For some reason, the issue has no answer to the question (the answer is «faster») and the promised translation from Spanish is missing on the last page.


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