The Fearsome Five is issue #43 of Teen Titans Go!.


Psimon holds tryouts to assemble a new team of villains that can take the Titans down. Jinx officially becomes a Teen Titan and gets a Titans Communicator.


Psimon and Doctor Light are forming a new group to battle the Teen Titans. At the auditions many villains tried to get in but all failed. While Kid Flash and Jinx are in the park she tells him of the invitation from her former H.I.V.E. Five "friends". When he is examining the invitation Raven comes in and confronts him about his communicator. When Jinx informs her that she did not have one raven ignores her and proceeds telling him that Robin got hold of some intelligence for the Fearsome Five. Annoyed, Jinx says, "Intelligence? Hello? Remember me over here?" she said while waving the invitation. When Kid Flash is gone Raven tells her she has to go undercover. At some point Gizmo and Mammoth made it into the team, not of skill but because they were the only ones conscious. Doctor Light was upset at the fact that there was only four members when Jinx makes her appearance and offers herself. When Beast Boy and Cyborg are eating pizza the Fearsome Five attack. Jinx battles Cyborg and wins for the time being. Watching through monitors, Kid Flash is worried for Jinx's well being. When the Titans go to their positions he tells them not to hurt her. Jinx leads the Fearsome Five into the tower where they are caught in the trap of the Teen Titans. When all of the villains were defeated, Jinx offers to give back the communicator she used to open the doors of the Titans Tower, but Robin declines and tells her to keep it.




  • In Doctor Light's hideout, an Eight Trigrams poster can be seen along a tunnel wall.
  • Private H.I.V.E. walks out of Psimon's audition, having being tired of following orders from superiors since "Enemy of My Enemy".
  • Doctor Light once again fears the presence of Raven, since "Nevermore" and "Birthmark".
  • Beast Boy tells Jinx he "made a movie once" during "Call of the Wild".


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