This is the transcript for the episode "The End - Part 3".


(Opening shot: a screen filled with diseased red light, which fades away to leave a close-up of Trigon's mark against a black field.)

Raven: (voice over) Trigon is coming...

(Pull back; it is on the crest of a large raven floating somewhere above Jump City.)

Raven: (voice over) ...and the way he gets here is through me.

(The bird caws loudly; fade to that red glow, then in to the five Titans on their nature hike in Part One, Act One. All are brought up short as the sun blots itself out and the sky darkens, and Raven's body is overwritten with runes and she starts to pass out.)

Robin: Raven!

(Cut to ground level, the camera tilting 90 degrees to frame her face right side up as she keels over. Fade to red, then in to a moment at the end of "The Prophecy"; she stands morosely in the operations center, facing the windows.)

Raven: (turning to face the others) I'm not just a person. I'm a portal.

(Fade to red, then to her in a stop-time city street; a scene from "Birthmark." Slade's boot steps in near the camera, setting the asphalt on fire, and the camera shifts to frame him just down the block, with a wall of flames behind.)

Slade: The portal must be opened!

(One lightning-fast lunge puts him within easy reach of Raven's arm; he seizes her wrist, causing his fire to race up toward her shoulder. Flash to red, which fades away to show a close-up of that same forearm, now glowing with the secret marks. She floats slowly backward from the camera, arms spread and cloak billowing over the fingers of the great stone hand in the chamber far beneath the old library. Now we have jumped to the end of Part One. The characters float away from her body and form their whirling circle around her waist, while the unholy white light blazes from her eyes and midsection. The latter expands to fill the screen, then clears to show that Trigon's swirling portal has formed at the ceiling and is descending to smash the central pillar into dust. Transfixed with horror, the Titans stare at the sheets of fire that tear across the room just in front of them, and Trigon makes his appearance.)

Trigon: The Earth is mine!

(Fade to red, then in to the remains of the chamber after he tore the city apart; a scene from Part Two. In a long shot and slow zoom, a figure can be seen standing at the top of the steps that led up to the now-shattered pillar, and a dissolve to that spot shows Robin here.)

Robin: It just doesn't feel like Raven's really gone.

Slade: (from o.c.) That's because she isn't.

(The voice makes the Boy Wonder almost break his neck when he whirls toward it. Cut to his level, looking down the stairs, on this line; the archrival steps out from the inky shadows of the peripheral arches. Close-up.)

Slade: Raven can still be saved.

(Fade to red, then in to a close-up of Robin.)

Robin: I'll bring her back. (Pull back; he is addressing the other Titans in the chamber.) I promise.

(He and Slade break into a run along the winding trail that will lead them far into the lava caverns below Jump City. Fade to black.)

Starfire: (voice over, echoing a bit) Get up. Get up.

(On the second repetition, fade in to a close-up of her face; Starfire is flat on her back and out cold, but starting to come around, and these words were her thoughts. The camera pulls back as she finally snaps to with a gasp and sits up for a look. She has been bashed into a crater, and a slow pan away from her reveals that the neighborhood is still an everloving mess, but now swirls of infernal red clouds fill the sky, centering over Trigon seated in the ruins of Titans Tower.)

(Back to the thunderstruck Tamaranean, panning away as she turns to look over her shoulder on the start of the next line. Her evil twin, who presumably laid her out like this to begin with, is crouched on the crater's edge and grinning like an idiot.)

Nega Starfire: Why do you still bother to rise? (stands) We both know that the end has already come.

(She throws a starbolt into the pit. Cut to an overhead view of Starfire, zooming in as she gasps in shock, then flash to the red of its impact and fade to black.)


Act One

(Opening shot: a patch of sky filled with those slowly rotating clouds. Lightning cracks out time after time before a mighty red flash hides the entire screen for an instant; now the center of the formation glows brightly and the camera follows the next bolt down to ground level. It strikes a distant half-toppled building as Beast Boy is knocked backward into view to tumble onto his face. He starts to drag himself up with a labored groan, but a roar from o.c. snaps him back to attention and forces a scared gasp from his throat. Cut to the source; Nega Beast Boy, who has become a tiger and is lunging from his vantage point atop a rocky outcropping.)

(A last-millisecond sidestep saves Beast Boy from becoming cold cuts; he then turns into a lion and gets jumped, and the two jungle cats tumble away. Zoom in slightly toward a particular bit of the skyline, behind which explosions and smoke clouds roar up. Cyborg races out of the maelstrom, sheer panic written in bold type across his mug, but Nega Cyborg takes his time walking up to continue the punching match. Those gray circuit panels at the shoulders swing open to expose the same sort of missile launchers Cyborg used in Part Two, and here comes the salvo. Its freaked-out target keeps pounding ahead with every bit of speed he can get out of his souped-up legs, but it is no good and he gets thrown far ahead when the missiles hit the mark.)

(Lifting his head with some effort, he suddenly opens his eyes very wide in surprise. Nega Cyborg has disappeared from sight, but a moment later, he drops in behind the big man and blindsides him with a smashing left hook. Cyborg is propelled into the side of a building, several stories above the ground, and Nega Cyborg strolls up, chuckling nastily and brushing his hands clean, as Starfire's green streak zooms overhead. She crashes to earth, having taken a king-size hit from Nega Starfire, and climbs woozily up out of her crater while the latter descends with a giggle.)

Nega Starfire: I laugh at your pain! Ending your existence is most amusing.

Starfire: This is not the end!

(And with that, she lifts off for a right hook that sends her doppelganger soaring gracelessly backward to smash through two vertical rock slabs before meeting the ground at high speed. Cut to Starfire, who touches down near the site; the camera shakes with a sudden tremor, and we see Nega Starfire hoisting one of the monoliths and swinging for the fences. It fractures into a pile of boulders upon hitting its target, and the camera shifts to frame Starfire crashing down and Nega Starfire flying overhead.)

(Cut to a close-up of the green-eyed face, just inches from the surface of the lava in Jump City Bay. She stares wide-eyed up past the camera as it pans across the lava to frame Trigon in the distance, still watching from his seat in the ravaged Tower.)

Trigon: Most amusing indeed. (Close-up; zoom in slowly.) You mortals provide excellent sport, though your fight, like your lives, is pointless.

(Extreme close-up of Starfire's right fist, zooming in slowly. The ring of Azar, which Slade gave her in Part Two to protect them from Trigon's might, has been shifted from ring to little finger. During the next line, pull back to show Nega Starfire approaching at a very leisurely pace from behind.)

Trigon: (from o.c.) The ring of Azar may shield you from my wrath for now, but you shall soon be defeated by your own personal demons.

(Beaming with the purest malice, the grayscale double raises her hands, palms toward the camera, and warms up a double starbolt to finish the job. Cut to an extreme close-up of Starfire's horror-stricken face and zoom in slowly as the glare throws a bright orange tint over it. From here, cut to a long shot of a different outcropping in the bay; Cyborg is hurled into view and crashes hard against it, causing the whole thing to topple over. A rising growl marks the long-jumping arrival of his clone, and his boots slam into the tumbled rocks to smash them clean through. Dust and gravel clear to show Cyborg on the wrong end of a slow, face-first push toward the same red-hot bath Slade got two seasons ago. Extreme close-up of his straining face.)

Cyborg: Let me go!

(A supreme effort from his tortured muscles drives both back from the edge and bashes Nega Cyborg into a rock; he is subsequently flung across the waste, and Cyborg fires off a burst from his cannon and hustles in. After he has gone, zoom in on a small patch as Beast Boy, now a mouse, pokes his head up and scurries across an open area. A bird's shrill cry overhead sets him on edge, whereupon the camera cuts to Nega Beast Boy, nose-diving as a eagle. He swoops down, talons extended to snap up a quick meal, and Beast Boy runs for shelter behind part of the rock slab Cyborg knocked down when he crashed into it.)

(Pull back slightly after he has moved out of view; he emerges as a roaring tyrannosaurus rex, just in time to meet Nega Beast Boy's dive. Now it is the gray changeling's turn to flee from an enemy who has him badly overmatched, but he soon pulls the same dive-and-transform trick, coming back as a fringed T-rex. Beast Boy goes for the throat and drags the newly minted dinosaur to the ground.)

(After both have rolled o.c., Starfire rockets toward the ground, just ahead of an explosive starbolt barrage from her duplicate, then pulls up sharply through all the smoke. Nega Starfire walks causally out of the haze and opens fire again; the shots flash past the flying Tamaranean and pass almost close enough to part her hair five ways. As she is about to enter the thick bank of clouds, one final shot roars up and strikes her squarely in the back to drop her out of the sky. She hits the ground hard; pull back to show Cyborg watching the wipeout in total disbelief.)

(He starts toward the point of impact, the motion revealing Nega Beast Boy straightening up at a distance. Back to Starfire, who tries her best to peel herself up as Beast Boy slides across on the wrong end of a brutal beating. When the dust clears from his graceless tumble, he is back in human form and groaning wearily. A huge shadow falls over him; here comes his opponent, who has remained in T-rex form and is ready to eat. Beast Boy ducks out of sight among the mess of rocks; the huge gray snout comes down to sniff here and there, finding nothing, and Nega Beast Boy stomps away. What comes out after him is the green Titan, who has turned into a large spider to stay out of sight. He resumes human form as Starfire comes up behind him.)

Beast Boy: (out of breath) I hate to say it, but Four-Eyes has a point. My butt can't take much more kicking!

Starfire: It can, and it will.

(She looks over her shoulder; pan slightly that way to frame Trigon in the distance.)

Starfire: We must keep the Trigon occupied. (Cut to Cyborg, walking up, on the next line.)

Cyborg: As long as those all-seeing eyes are looking at us, he won't go looking for Robin.

(He is immediately blasted in the back and pitched flat on his face. Behind him are Trigon's three creations; Nega Cyborg delivered the shot with his cannon.)

Nega Cyborg: Wanna bet? (Nega Starfire takes off; Starfire starts after her.)

Starfire: No!

(She receives only a cruel little grin in response as Nega Starfire zips up to Trigon's ear.)

Nega Starfire: (giggles and whispers) They are trying to distract you so Robin can--

Trigon: I know.

Beast Boy: (flabbergasted, to Cyborg) He knows?

Cyborg: He knows. (Starfire rejoins them.) He's just been toying with us.

(Cut to behind the trio and pan slowly to bring Trigon into view.)

Trigon: I was aware of this rescue mission before your small minds had even conceived it. (Close-up.) And I have known from the beginning that your plan presents no threat.

(He gets out of his seat and stands up to full height, his antlers almost brushing the spiraling clouds overhead.)

Trigon: You fail to comprehend the depth of my power. (The three Titans; he continues o.c.) And you fail to understand the departure of your friend. (Back to him.) Some remnant of my daughter may yet exist, (Extreme close-up: his eyes.) but the Raven you knew is lost forever.

(Cut to an extreme close-up of the side of the pre-teen Raven's head, pulling back slowly, as seen at the end of Part Two. She turns a bit to give a clear view of one wide, frightened eye.)

Raven: Who... (Dissolve to a head-on shot; pull back a bit more.) ...who are you?

(Pull back again. She and Robin are still in the ruins of the cathedral in which he found her, and he has her cloak in hand.)

Robin: It's okay. I'm here to take you back.

(The little girl whirls into a panicked run.)

Robin: Raven!

(He goes after her; she clambers over a pile of rubble, and the camera cuts to outside as she dashes down a flight of stairs on this side of the building. His course ranges through the scatter of masonry fragments that line the slope on one side. Cut briefly to Raven's rapidly shifting perspective of the area; the staircase is very long and leads down to a bridge over the chasm in which this place is situated-then back to her. Robin is pulling even now.)

Robin: Wait! I'm not going to hurt you!

(He looks ahead and immediately puts one hand on the flagstones as a brake. The reason becomes apparent when the camera cuts briefly to his perspective; he has reached the edge of nothingness, and a few pebbles clatter in to make the point. Raven, having the advantage of being on the stairs, is able to reach the bridge; Robin corrects his own course and resumes the pursuit.)

(On the far side, the chase moves into a cavern. Cut to inside it as Robin enters, ducking low as he does so and finding the ceiling barely high enough to accommodate him. He looks here and there and is met with the sight of a forest of thick stone columns that project partway up from the floor. His target, meanwhile, is ducking into a niche that Mother Nature has carved into one wall; she backs up as far as she can and huddles there fearfully.)

Robin: (looking and reaching in) Please! I just want-- (She kicks him.) Ow!

(He hops backward, clutching his hurt knee, and flops onto his back. This leaves her cloak wide open in his free hand; she snatches it away and is off like a shot. When the Boy Wonder looks up, he sees her-now wearing the garment again, bounding along the tops of those stone columns with an agility that would rival even his own. However, a misstep sends her sliding over the edge of one of them, and she tumbles back to the floor in a tangle of arms, legs, and cloak. Once back on her feet, she looks around and lets off a small gasp; an instant later, Robin leaps down to face her. She slides/scrambles back to the wall as he advances toward her again.)

Robin: Raven, it's me, Robin. Remember?

Raven: I'm lost.

(Rather than being a complaint, this line comes out as a simple, desperate statement of fact. She has ended up in a sitting position.)

Robin: I know. (He kneels to her level.) But I've found you. You don't need to be afraid anymore. I can help you...

(He holds out one hand. Close-up of her, tilting slowly up from chest to face as she regards the fingers uncertainly.)

Robin: (from o.c.) ...but you have to let me.

(A few tears gather in her eyes while she turns this whole situation over as fast as her mind will allow. Close-up of the green-gloved hand; after a long pause, she reaches into view and places her own small one in its palm. Pull back to frame both, panning slowly across the cavern, and fade to black.)

(Snap immediately to the back of Slade's head and pull back slightly to frame a new scene. He is staring into a space whose far end is totally lost in the inky gloom. Head-on view; he stands on a narrow ledge, high up on a cliff, and hurls himself from it. The leap carries him to a distant outcropping, which breaks loose under his feet and slides down the rock face, carrying him with it. As he plunges ever downward, he loses his balance and is bounced to and fro by other falling rocks; when he finally hits the ground, his mask drops off and scrapes a short distance across the stone. Retrieving it, he leans back in the shadows for a moment's rest and then resumes his travels.)

(He arrives at the top of a flight of stairs. Cut to behind him and pan across this new area: a heretofore unexplored bend in the lava river, spanned by a bridge whose other end gives onto a small landing. Here is a set of double doors, inscribed with Trigon's red mark and guarded by a muscular gray figure whose chest carries the same brand. It carries a fearsome double-ended weapon; at one end is a blade similar to that of a medieval poleaxe, while the other is equipped with a head whose blade curves in a wide arc, perpendicular to the shaft. The guard's entire head is encased in a steel helmet that totally hides all facial features. Cut to a close-up of the doors, tilting down to frame the figure in close-up on the next line. The voice is male, deep, gravelly, and reverberating within the metal enclosure.)

Guard: The hollow journey of your vacant vessel ends here. What you seek cannot be reclaimed.

Slade: (crosses the bridge) Perhaps.

(Close-up; now he puts his mask back on to cover his skull face with its one red eye.)

Slade: But it's not like I have anything left to lose.

(The huge gray figure advances threateningly. It has at least three feet on everyone's favorite psychopath, who tries a punch only to get bashed away onto his back. Up comes the poleaxe head; cut to an overhead view of the truly surprised Slade and zoom in on his face.)

(From here, cut to a rock island floating in Jump City Bay. Something hits the ground at an obscenely high speed, and a close-up zoom reveals said something to be Cyborg, who climbs out of the hole with sparks running all over his body. His counterpart steps up with a malice-soaked little smile.)

Nega Cyborg: Boo-yah.

(Yank him up; throw him to the ground; jump high and stomp him full force; yank him up again; toss him into a rock to collapse it. Pan to another area, where the Beast Boys are squaring off-ours as a gorilla, Trigon's as a smilodon on a high perch. The latter leaps at the former only to get plucked out of the air and flung against a rock face; he comes up as a Utahraptor and charges again.)

(Tilt up to the sky, where the explosions of red starbolts play among the clouds. Above them, Starfire is trying desperately to keep from being shot down by pulling every fancy flying trick she can remember. Finally getting in the clear, she responds with a vicious barrage, but her aim is hopelessly foiled by the clouds and Nega Starfire emerges untouched. A quick gasp from the shooter, and she is hit dead on with a flying tackle. Close-up of her; on the next line, Nega Starfire rises in front, pushing her away with one hand.)

Nega Starfire: You do not even belong on this world!

(She warms up her other hand for the finishing stroke. Extreme close-up of the Tamaranean's bug-eyed face; the blast roars directly into it and she plunges unconscious to the rock. In a long shot of the area, her high-impact touchdown throws up a large burst of green light and a great deal of smoke that attracts Cyborg's attention.)

Cyborg: Starfire!

(Behind him, Beast Boy, now an octopus, is tossed into view and bounces off an outcropping. By the time he hits the ground, he has resumed human form and found his fingers to be tangled up from this last quick change.)

Beast Boy: (wearily, pulling at them) Dude! I had no idea I was this tough! (He gets himself untied.)

Cyborg: You're not. (Beast Boy stands up.) I could kick your butt any day of the--

(He lets the sentence hang unfinished as his whole face goes slack. Some thundering piece of inspiration has just come to him, and judging from Starfire's tone as she approaches from her wipeout, she has had the same idea.)

Starfire: If we cannot defeat ourselves, perhaps we can defeat each other!

(Nega Starfire flies up behind her; cut to a pan across the two boys as their doubles move up through the rocks. Back to the two girls, panning to Starfire, eyebrows lowering and mouth curving up into the wickedest smile she has ever displayed. Beast Boy and Cyborg throw her a nod before swinging into action.)

Beast Boy and Cyborg: (trading a high five) SWITCH!!

(They cross the plain, away from their own doubles, and Starfire leaves hers wondering as she flies off. She and Beast Boy pass in midair; now Nega Cyborg looks here and there, totally confused, and gets a crushing charge from the green-glowing flyer. Nega Starfire, also at a loss, cannot decide what to do with her checked starbolts before the octopus Beast Boy lands on her face, dumping her unceremoniously to the ground. That leaves only Nega Beast Boy still on his feet, in a rapidly advancing shadow.)

Nega Beast Boy: Huh?

(Said shadow marks the approach of the genuine Cyborg, who cracks his knuckles eagerly. The face-off becomes one of Titan versus Utahraptor, but the big man just lifts his right forearm and lets the creature gnaw uselessly at the reinforced limb.)

Cyborg: Careful. Might hurt your teeth.

(A left hook summarily dislodges those teeth and their owner, who hits the ground in human form and lies there unmoving. Pan away from the area as Starfire's shots ring out across the stone. Nega Cyborg is on the run, and on the losing end of this battle; he brings up his cannon and tries to aim through all the smoke. Starfire simply charges right through it and lets him have one last starbolt for good measure. This one explodes with the force of a 105-mm howitzer shell, and the glare clears to show Nega Cyborg tumbling to the ground with his right arm smashed away. Smoke billows from the stump as he crashes down at Starfire's feet.)

(Beast Boy, meanwhile, has become a hummingbird and is beating his wings full tilt to avoid Nega Starfire's shots. A camera shift reveals that she has brought her eyes into play rather than her hands, but no matter where she aims, she cannot hit this impossibly small moving target. Finally, he gets away o.c. and a screech from above makes her look up in surprise.)

Nega Starfire: Huh?

(Cut to the green Titan, who has become a brontosaurus in midair and is letting gravity to its thing. Nega Starfire's eyes pop as big as poker chips, the camera zooming slightly on her slack-jawed face an instant before the screen flashes white from the super-jumbo hit. Long shot: the behemoth slams down to the stony surface, and he stands up a moment later in human form. He soon finds himself facing the back of his groaning foe when she straightens up; uncertainty plays across his face for a moment, and then he gives a little push to a nearby vertical slab. It topples flat to crush Nega Starfire, a little wisp of red flame licking up to mark her end, and the other two enemies evaporate in the same fashion.)

(The three fire trails streak skyward, intertwining as they go, and merge into a single ball of blinding white light from which three shafts flash down. Each Titan is hit in the chest by one of them; the personalities sorting themselves back into the right bodies, and Cyborg throws a little smirk to Beast Boy.)

Cyborg: Told you I could kick your butt.

(A rumble from o.c. ends the joviality in a big hurry; its source is Trigon, who has left the Tower's island and is stomping toward the trio. Starfire backs quickly up to the boys.)

Beast Boy: Um, he's coming over here! (Overhead view.) I really don't like that he's coming over here!

Trigon: Your victory has no meaning. (Close-up.) You merely prolong your suffering. The rule of mortals has ended! (holds out one hand) This world belongs to me!

(On the end of this line, the camera tilts down to ground level as he digs the clawed fingers of his other hand into the stone and rakes them back toward himself. All three Titans back up a good distance, Beast Boy doing so as a falcon and then resuming human form; now a broad fissure has been torn into the surface. Tilt down to point into it as a massed hissing begins to emanate from the depths, and up surges a battalion of the fire creatures that have driven everyone crazy throughout Parts One and Two.)

Cyborg: RUN!!

(Beast Boy quick-changes into a giant dragonfly, Starfire picks up Cyborg, and all three bail out as the flaming horde starts after them. Cut to the upper reaches of the underground cavern and tilt down to the lava river and its shore. The bow of the boat Robin and Slade used in Part Two runs aground, followed by the teen's boots landing next to it; he is pulling the craft up out of the tide. A camera shift shows Raven seated at the stern and still quite ill at ease with herself. Now Robin extends a hand to help her out.)

Robin: It's all right.

(She climbs onto him, piggyback, and the two set off.)

Robin: How about a story? To pass the time?

(Cut to the ceiling of the cavern again and tilt down slowly.)

Robin: (from o.c.) This is the story of Raven. (now in view) She was my very good friend. (Dissolve to him, climbing a steep slope.) And she was very brave. Together, we fought evil. We beat monsters and villains, and we kept our city safe.

(Another dissolve; overhead close-up in which the youngster cannot help but glance back down at the river that now lies far below.)

Robin: But even though she was doing good, Raven was always afraid that deep down inside, she was bad. See, from the day she was born... (Tremor.) ...people told her that someday, something terrible was going to--

(Storytime gets put on hold when the quake intensifies and the entire river begins to drain into a fissure that runs from bank to bank. Just as on the surface, a mob of fire demons roars straight up out of the abyss and begins a screeching rush toward the ceiling. They are headed into a freshly opening fault, shaking the whole place again. We have just rewound a few moments from Trigon's latest offensive and witnessed its subterranean point of origin.)

(Boulders fracture and crumble all around the climber and his charge, setting up an avalanche that thunders down the incline toward them. Close-up of Robin's hand, straining to hold its precarious grip on the rock face. The patch he is holding breaks loose after a long moment, and both go sliding down the near-vertical slope, with only those five fingers to provide any braking action and keep them out of free fall. When he brings his other hand up and digs in, Raven clings even tighter to his back. Suddenly, he runs into a large outcropping and is stopped short, but inertia jerks her loose and she goes into a plunge, screaming all the way down.)

Robin: Raven!

(She drops away from the camera, her lungs going full tilt and her cloak waving like a torn parachute. Fade to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: an overhead view of the molten currents. Raven plunges screaming into view, headed straight toward the gaping fracture in the riverbed, and a second later Robin dives after her. Tucking arms and legs in as tightly as they will go, he gains speed and catches up to wrap the tiny white figure in a crushing bear hug. One problem down, one to go, how to keep from being burned to a crisp at the bottom of the gorge? He answers this one by pulling out a grappling hook and firing overhead; the line snaps taut, allowing him to swing to a high, narrow bridge.)

(No time to rest, though, as a boulder thunders down just behind Robin and smashes through the formation. He pounds along the span, Raven holding on for dear life, and the warriors Trigon summoned go hurtling up past the bridge as the rest of it collapses. One frantic leap after another carries the properly aged Titan along the high-speed cave-in; finally, he hurls himself onto the far landing, and the creatures rise through the ceiling fault to reach the surface.)

Robin: You okay?

(He sets Raven down; cut to a close-up of her downcast, unnerved face.)

Robin: (from o.c.) You didn't get hurt? (Long pause.)

Raven: Robin, why are you doing this? (Pull back to frame both.)

Robin: You do remember, don't you? (She nods sadly and turns to the cliff.)

Raven: The story you were telling...I can see it. Bits and pieces. You...our it was a dream. A nightmare. Whatever it was, it's over.

Robin: Raven, there may still be a way to--

Raven: Nobody can stop him. I remember that. You came down here for nothing.

Robin: I came down here for you.

Raven: (angrily, rounding on Robin, tears in her eyes) Why? I can't help. My powers came from him. And now that he's done with me, I don't have them anymore.

(She hangs her head. Long shot of the cliff; she crumples to the ground and softens her tone.)

Raven: There was...a prophecy, Robin. (Robin kneels to her.) And it came true. It's all over now.

Robin: Yeah. It's the end of the world. But so what? We're still here-still fighting. (Cut to Raven; he continues o.c.) Still friends.

Raven: (voice breaking) Look at me, Robin! There's nothing I can do! There isn't any hope!

Robin: (from o.c.) Then I guess... (Cut to Robin.) ...I'll just have to have enough hope for the both of us.

(A smile steals over his face on the end of this line, after which the camera cuts back to Raven. Though her countenance still betrays her extreme pessimism, she has wrapped all ten of her fingers around the five of his offered hand. She allows him to pull her up and climbs onto his back, and the camera tilts up slightly from the pair as they get set for the next climb. Those awful loops of red cloud boil in the sky far above.)

(A brilliant flash marks the scene change-black screen immediately cleaved in two. The top half falls away to expose Slade and the faceless door guard locked in combat; the latter's blade has just sliced through a rock directly in front of the camera. Another savage swing chops through the remains, and Slade flips backward to stop near the riverbank. He comes up for a huge leap, but is caught in one enormous gray hand and pinned down while the other one lifts that vicious weapon. Flames blaze around the poleaxe head, which whistles down for a hit that will open Slade up like a stubborn can of sardines. However, both of his hands lock around the shaft, stopping the blade just short of his head. It is pushed almost close enough to scrape the paint off his mask, but he throws his weight back, knocking down the slab he is pinned against and giving him the leverage he needs to heave the guard into the river.)

(With the enemy out of the way, Slade turns his attention to the stone doors that bar his path. A glutinous bubbling from the shore stops his feet; one huge hand reaches up out of the current, followed by the rest of the helmeted doorman. Lava drips off the legs as he advances implacably across the landing and warms up his poleaxe head again. The armored left fist flashes toward him; close-up as it is caught in one hand and bent cruelly backward. The sound of splintering bone is heard very clearly, and when the guard releases his grip, Slade stumbles backward and regards his hand with surprise. The glove has been stripped away, leaving the finger bones fully exposed. A thundering backhand knocks him into the doors and bounces him to the ground; pan from him to the guard.)

Guard: Your days have long since ended, mortal. Time to lie down with the rest of the mortals.

(He closes in; the black/red-orange head comes up, revealing a red crack in the steel on its left side.)

Slade: You first!

(He leaps up to perch on the door handles and pushes away as the sentry approaches; the move carries him behind, and he nimbly dodges the poleaxe swing that comes his way. His counterattack, a flying kick, slams into the guard and leaves him staggering back toward the doors. The head comes up to reveal a hole broken in the helmet, exposing the glaring left eye, and the camera pans to the poleaxe head as he warms it up again. Slade dodges two vicious swings but is hit in the gut by a third. He reels back, finds a hole smashed through his armor to expose the ribs on his left side, and collapses on his face.)

Guard: You cannot hope to defeat pure evil. (Close-up of Slade.)

Slade: Actually, I'm not such a nice guy myself.

(Pan to a close-up of his right hand on the end of this line. It grips a remote control, which he activates, and the camera cuts to a close-up of the guard. His back is to the doors, but a beeping from nearby makes him turn in surprise. We can now see a flashing device attached to the surface, responding to the signal from the remote; small, round, marked with Slade's stylized S. Zoom in on it in two steps as it flashes more quickly, ending with an extreme close-up, then pull back just in time for it to detonate, throwing the guard off his feet.)

(Back to Slade, who has stood up and is shielding his face from the dust and debris. An intense glare washes over him from the doors' direction, and a cut to behind him reveals that they have been blown apart, with brilliant white light shining beyond. Beams shoot out in all directions; one of them collides with Slade, lifting him clear of the ground and bathing him in its radiance. Extreme close-up of the exposed skeletal left hand, seen in silhouette; slowly but surely, the fingers begin to thicken before the view fades to white.)

(Fade in to a screenful of smoke, which clears to show Slade standing on his own two feet. The damaged hand and ribs have once again been covered with armor, and his mask has restored itself. He takes a deep breath.)

Slade: Ahhh. (works his left fingers) My own flesh and blood.

(Glancing off to one side, he spots the guard's double-headed weapon lying at his feet, and the empty, smoking helmet a short distance away. No other sign of the foe can be seen as the masked victor picks up the barbaric device.)

Slade: Don't get up. I'll let myself out.

(He lifts the weapon, its poleaxe head flaring up, and heads for the stairs that led him down to this place. Tilt up into the cavern's lightless reaches, then to the ravaged streets of Jump City. Starfire zooms overhead, followed by Beast Boy giving Cyborg a lift as a pterodactyl, followed by the mob of flaming specters Trigon let loose. The high-octane, low-altitude chase flashes down the block.)

Cyborg: Screech all you want! (breaks out/fires his cannon) We're not going down without a fight!

(His shots disintegrate several of the pursuers, but their sheer numbers prove too much and all three Titans are swept out of the air, Beast Boy resuming human form as he falls.)

Beast Boy: We're going down!

(They do exactly that and hit the broken pavement very hard. As they try to clear their heads, the murderous horde dives on them. Cyborg and Starfire uncork a double fusillade that brings down a few of them, but the others sweep on through the remains. What comes next is a close-up of three of Robin's discs hissing through the air; they explode simultaneously in a huge flash that disperses the rest of the attackers. At ground level, the three heroes stare dumbfounded for a moment before looking back over their shoulders. Sudden smiles from the boys, a joyful gasp from Starfire, and the camera cuts to a long shot of Robin and zooms in slowly. He is standing casually on a broken concrete slab.)

Starfire: (from o.c.) Robin!

Beast Boy: (as all three race to Robin) Dude! You're alive!

(Cut to a close-up of his face and tilt down toward his feet, where Raven has caught hold of his leg for support. Both are indeed in proper shape, having successfully completed the last stage of their climb back to the surface. Close-up of the youngster's face; she is shaking slightly.)

Cyborg: (from o.c., flabbergasted) Raven...

(Dissolve to a stretch of the shore, the camera pointing out over Jump City Bay. Lightning crackles here and there during a pan to the Tower; dissolve to a close-up of the blasted structure, against which Trigon is leaning to rest. Another strike, and the camera has moved even closer; the next flash leads to a very clear view of his composed face and its four closed eyes. Finally, he straightens up, another lightning bolt outlining him with a lurid red glare, and wakes up from his nap. The right hand is lifted and the little finger extended to slice a ragged gash in the clouds, exposing the starry blue-black of outer space beyond. Extreme close-up of his mouth in profile.)

Trigon: Go forth and conquer! (Pull back slowly; fire demons fly up as he continues.) One by one, worlds shall fall, until every being in this entire dimension bows down to worship Trigon the Terrible!

(On the latter part of this line, cut to a patch of lava and tilt back up to frame him as the troops swarm out through the rent in the clouds. When they have all gone, it seals itself and lightning cracks down behind him. The glare of this strike clears to show a close-up of Raven, huddling behind a fallen slab as the camera pulls back slowly. The four reunited Titans come into view during this shift.)

Cyborg: So her powers are gone? (Long shot.) She really can't help us? (Close-up: Beast Boy and Starfire.)

Beast Boy: 'Least we still got that ring of Azar thingie so Trigon can't...

(The optimistic thought dies on his lips when Starfire holds it up; shattered, on her palm.)

Beast Boy: Oh, crud.

(She lets the pieces drop; pull back to frame Robin and Cyborg.)

Robin: This is it. One final attack. Him or us. (Cut to the other three teens; he continues o.c.) All or nothing.

(Their faces harden into the sort of steely resolve that would have made George S. Patton very proud indeed. Raven, on the other hand, begins to flee only to be stopped by Robin; he kneels and puts his hands on her shoulders.)

Robin: This is your story, Raven. And I'm not sure what happens next. (Close-up of her; he continues o.c.) I know it seems hopeless, (Cut to him.) but I believe that when the time is right, (Pull back to frame all five.) you will know what to do.

(The very large stone behind the team is plucked away by the conqueror, who aims a contemptuous little sneer their way.)

Trigon: What strange vermin cower beneath my rocks?

Robin: Now!

(Four fluid motions put Beast Boy and Starfire in the air; the former turning into a falcon, and Robin and Cyborg on the jump, the former of these bringing his staff to the ready. Raven is left staring confusedly up after them.)

Trigon: I have endured your existence long enough.

(All four heroes soar toward the massive scarlet form only to be stopped in their tracks by a quadruple eye blast. Cut to a close-up of Robin, almost totally hidden within a sphere of its crackling energy, and pull back to frame the group as all yell and groan in pain. They are now floating right in front of Trigon, who lifts a palm underneath the captives as if preparing to deliver the king daddy of volleyball serves. His daughter takes a few timid steps to get a better view and make sure her eyes are not deceiving her.)

Trigon: Your world is ended! Your time is--

(Two simultaneous occurrences combine to cut off that sentence. The first is a cloud-ripping stroke of lightning; the second is a primal yell from Slade, who sails into view over Trigon's head from behind, warms up his stolen weapon, and delivers a superhuman swing. A huge flash marks its impact, after which the camera pulls back to a longer shot of the area. Slade hurtles past Trigon's face, the newly severed left antler tumbling away like so much deadwood, as the Titans begin to descend. The demon roars in pain and claps a hand to the stump; finally, Slade touches down, the antler only a moment behind. Not long after this, the four Titans hit the pavement, Beast Boy now a tiger and Starfire ready to let her hands do the talking.)

Robin: Titans! GO!!

(They do so, Cyborg readying his cannon. Cut to a long shot of Trigon's wide-planted feet and pull back to frame the rest of his silhouetted from as the fighters begin what might be their last charge. In close-up, he straightens with a rising growl and brings one colossal open hand toward the camera. Snap to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: the Titans going full tilt, with Cyborg and Starfire blasting merrily away. After a second or two of their combined assault, Trigon slams his palm on the ground, producing an earthquake that throws the quartet in all directions. While Robin and Cyborg end up near a pile of wreckage, Starfire has remained airborne and now continues the shootout by herself. Trigon retaliates with a wide-angle eye blast; he hits nothing but is momentarily distracted by her flying and Cyborg's fresh cannon shot. This leaves his back wide open for Beast Boy to slip around, become a pterodactyl to fly up, then quick-change to a T-rex and chomp deep into one ear. As the monster screams in fresh agony, Cyborg gets to his feet and fires a shot that strikes him square in the chest; Beast Boy leaps away, turning into a falcon, just in time to avoid taking the hit as well.)

(He flies past Robin on his way out. The Boy Wonder has been out of action since the four were blasted down, but now he races along the crumbled rooftops and goes into an impossibly long, high leap with staff in hand. His trajectory carries him dangerously close to the four eyes that are warming up for another burst; as he sails past, he whips a disc smack into them. The enemy is left blinded by the thick crust of ice it throws out upon impact, and he stumbles randomly backward while Robin drops away and Starfire zips across to catch him.)

(The Titans' combined onslaught now has Trigon howling with combined rage and pain and scrambling desperately to fend them off. Robin's freeze disc has left him unable to see or return fire, and Raven takes in the spectacle with what can only be described as total shock.)

Raven: (softly) I don't believe it.

(Beast Boy, back in human form, and Cyborg now stand side by side; the former transforms into a stegosaurus, and the latter grabs him by the tail and heaves him down the street. The throw bangs right into Trigon's face, shattering the ice over his eyes and staggering him badly, and Beast Boy becomes a pterodactyl so he can fly away safely. The demon falls to his knees.)

Raven: They're...hurting him!

(Here comes Slade, double blade gripped firmly in both hands, to stare his former master dead in the face.)

Slade: For the record, I'm nobody's servant.

(A fierce yell accompanies his throw, which neatly chops off Trigon's right antler and leaves him staggering back toward the shore of Jump City Bay. One foot splashes into the lava; here come the five unlikeliest of partners to regroup, Beast Boy resuming human form and Slade perched on a rock. Trigon growls and cowers before them, both hands over the stubs of his amputated antlers, for some moments before finding his voice.)

Trigon: ENOUGH!!

(He lets go with a cataclysmic eye blast that hits only Slade and hurls him down the block past Raven; only an upturned slab of pavement stops him from going into the next county.)

Raven: No!

(Yes, in the form of a new, sweeping beam whose glare completely obscures each Titan as it reaches him/her. Robin, sprinting fast enough to break every Olympic record ever set, is the last one. Fade to gray-white, then in to a slow pan across his three cohorts amid the smoke boiling up from the asphalt. They are measuring their height on the street surface, not moving and emitting only the faintest of groans; one good poke with a not-too-sharp stick would probably finish them off. Raven runs up through the maelstrom, looks at them, then gasps in terror as she turns her eyes elsewhere. The little white-booted feet carry her past Beast Boy, and an overhead shot of the blast site reveals that she is headed straight for Robin, who has also gone down hard. She kneels and tries to shake him awake.)

Raven: (sobbing) Get up! Robin, please! Get up!

(Close-up of him during this line, then pull back as Trigon's thundering footsteps approach and his shadow throws itself over the two.)

Trigon: Farewell, dear daughter.

(He warms up his eyes and sends an infernal blast down toward her, intending to cut the family ties once and for all. The screen goes white when it hits the ground, and then clears to show her still in one piece, huddled beneath a hemispherical, translucent white shield. The energy for it is flowing from her hand; it promptly retracts into the gray fingers as she stares at them, absolutely confounded.)

Raven: How...?

Trigon: You may have retained some trace of my power, but you are still no threat to me, little girl. I am your creator, your master. (Overhead view behind Trigon, zooming toward the Titans.) You exist only to serve me. You survive only because I allow it.

(Close-up of Robin; Raven, still slumped over him, hangs her head in utter dejection and closes her eyes.)

Trigon: (from o.c.) What hope can a mere child have of defeating her all-powerful father?

(The thin eyebrows on either side of the gem set in Raven's forehead suddenly lower as he mouth twists down into a grimace of the purest anger. Finally making up her mind after a long hesitation, she opens her eyes to stare her father full on. White light pours from the sockets, the same that emerged during the flashback of Trigon's arrival in the prologue.)

Raven: (standing up, with a light shining around her head) You may have created me...

(The halo expands to fill the entire screen and subsides to give an overhead shot of the shoreline. As Trigon backs up a bit in genuine fear, the blinding sphere grows again and detonates in a terrific flash. When the view clears, the camera has cut to a close-up of her feet, but the style of the white boots has changed to match those worn by Raven at her normal age. Tilt up to frame all of her; she is now fully herself again, but her hair has grown out very long as it did in the climax of "Birthmark." The white light from her eyes has shifted to her hands.)

Raven: ...but you were never my father.

(Without even a trace of effort, she puts her hands together and fires a broad beam directly into Trigon's solar plexus, driving him back toward the shore. Ground level: Robin begins to pry himself up from the pavement, and the others do likewise as Raven's feet pound past them. Slow pan across the four, now getting to their feet and thoroughly perplexed, then pull back to frame the six combatants in an overhead shot. Trigon has turned away from the reunited Titans, but now swivels to face the approaching Raven with a look of the clearest hate.)

Trigon: Wretched, insignificant--

(She blasts him back again and continues forward, steadily, unstoppably, shooing after each sentence in the following line.)

Raven: Fathers are kind! Fathers protect you! Fathers raise you!

(The last shot leaves him immobilized and straining against the crackling energy that has begun to run up and down his body. Close-up of her.)

Raven: I was protected by the monks of Azarath. (Pull back; the other Titans are behind her.) I was raised by my friends.

(He screams and drops to his knees. Now the same power is coursing through her as well as the others gather closer.)

Raven: They are my family. (It spreads briefly to them...) This is my home. (...then retracts back to her.) And you are not welcome here!

(She rises into the air on the end of this line, the camera tilting up to follow her as white bolts flash down from her spread arms and her gem flares the same color.)

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

(The light fills the screen and forms into her "soul-self"; pure white rather than black, rearing up in Trigon's face and growing so large that it dwarfs even him. He is slowly and steadily swallowed up by the blinding radiance, finally voicing a scream more agonized that any he has ever been able to force from the throats of his victims. The light forms into a wide column that rapidly spreads outward over the city and the Titans, and when it clears away, the urban center has been restored to its proper, un-ravaged condition. Clear blue sky, buildings and streets as they should be, the team's favorite pizza joint standing in all its angular glory behind them.)

(The wave passes elsewhere in the city, reviving the petrified bystanders Robin found early in Part Two, and one final burst restores the bay and the Tower. Now all of Jump City is back together, and no trace of Trigon or Raven's white "soul-self" is present over the skyline. As in Part One, Act One, it is a beautiful day.)

(Cut to Raven, still in midair and ringed by that brilliant white corona; tilt down to follow her descent as it fades away. Each speaker moves up in turn.)

Starfire: Raven...that was...

Cyborg: ...Unbelievable.

Raven: No. (smiles) It wasn't.

(As soon as Robin walks up, he gets two white-clad arms around his neck and the sort of hug Raven has not given to anyone since the end of "Spellbound.")

Raven: Somebody believed.

Robin: Welcome back. (Pull back as Beast Boy leans in.)

Beast Boy: Okay, you're freaking me out here! (She straightens up.) The white robe and smile are weird enough, but hugs? (He stares hard at her.) Are you

Raven: Blue is still my favorite color. And don't get used to the smile... (It disappears in a flash.) ...'cause you're still not funny.

Beast Boy: Huh?

(Now he gapes for a moment before flinging himself across the open space to sweep her into a bear hug. The expression on her face confirms that she is indeed back to normal in all respects.)

Beast Boy: (ecstatically) Raven! (The other three lean in, beaming.)

Raven: Quit it.

(Fade to black.)

(Fade in to the exterior of the Tower, zooming in slowly, then cut to a close-up of Cyborg inside. The ruined city stands behind him in the background, but he is grinning from ear to ear.)

Cyborg: All right, y'all! Four-Eyes is history, his ghoulies are gone, and we just saved the whole dang universe!

(The following things happen during this line. One, the camera pulls back to show Trigon stalking toward the askew Tower. Two, the background washes white and then shows the repaired Tower with Trigon's fire demons floating up to menace it. Three, he gestures them into nothingness and is propelled into outer space on a tiny replica of Earth to stop amid a group of other planets. Four, each of these worlds pops up a small flag with the Titans' insignia and cheering is heard throughout the cosmos. After he finishes, the kitchen slides together behind the big man, leaving him at the counter, and he plops a chef's hat on his head.)

Cyborg: Who wants French toast?

(Camera shift: Beast Boy is here, but Starfire pops up in front of him with great enthusiasm and waves to get the cook's attention.)

Starfire: Oh, yes, me, please! I shall consume them with gravy and the butter of peanuts.

(She holds up each condiment at the proper time, nauseating Beast Boy considerably. However, he shakes his head clear and holds up a loaded plate of his own with a big smile.)

Beast Boy: And I've got enough tofu bacon for everybody who wants it!

Cyborg: So...just enough for you?

Beast Boy: Exactly.

(Starfire grabs up all the strips and, in close-up, holds them behind her head like antlers while smiling broadly.)

Starfire: Observe. (grimaces) I am a Rorfian zopgar.

(She giggles as the camera pulls back to show the two breakfast conspirators regarding her with a total lack of comprehension. Long silence.)

Starfire: (deflated) On my planet, this is hilarious.

(Beast Boy and Cyborg trade a puzzled look and then proceed to laugh themselves stupid, the former pitching a fit on the floor in the bargain. The "zopgar" begins to get back in the spirit of things, doing a bark or two as the camera zooms in on Robin at the operations center window. He eyes a handheld tracking device for a moment, then switches it off just before Raven steps up onto the ledge beside him. She has changed back into her usual blue-on-black ensemble and trimmed her hair.)

Raven: Slade got away?

Robin: If he ever shows his face again... (Close-up of the glass; both reflections visible in it.) ...we'll be ready.

Raven: How do you do it, Robin? (Cut to Robin.)

Robin: (to Raven) Do what?

Raven: Keep hoping. (turns to the window) After everything that happened, everything I did, how did you still manage to hope it could all work out?

Robin: Because of you. You don't realize it, Raven... (Cut to her; he continues o.c.) ...but you're actually the most hopeful person I've ever met. (She turns to the window again; zoom in slowly.) From the day you were born, they said you were evil, that you were created to do unspeakable things. (steps to Raven) But you wished for more. You dared to hope that you could be a hero.

Raven: I thought it was all over. And now...suddenly... (Long shot of the pair.)

Robin: ...You have your whole life ahead of you. (Cut to her; he continues o.c.) You can decide your own destiny.

Raven: (smiling) I guess, in the end, there really is no end; just new beginnings.

(She turns to face into the operations center, where Beast Boy and Cyborg have swiped the tofu bacon back from Starfire and are doing their best zopgar impressions. It is the last's turn to laugh uncontrollably, doubled over in midair. The next four words bring everyone up short for a moment.)

Raven: So what's the deal? (Close-up.) Are we having a party in here or not?

(Cut to just behind her and Robin. A jumble of happy voices marks their descent from the ledge to join in the fun, and Silkie has even slithered in for the occasion. Dissolve to the exterior of the Tower, pulling back to the sound of five jubilant Titans, and fade to black.)

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