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Quote1.pngYou may have created me, but you were never my father. Fathers are kind, fathers protect you, fathers raise you. I was protected by the monks of Azarath, I was raised by my friends. They are my family, this is my home and you are not welcome here.Quote2.png
―Raven becoming White Raven.[src]

"The End - Part 3" is the third part of "The End" saga. It is also the fifty-second episode of the Teen Titans series and the final episode of Season 4.


Robin has found Raven, but discovers that she has been changed into a younger version of herself and doesn't seem to remember the Titans or have her powers. Robin convinces her to return with him and soon reunites with the Titans, who will soon face their final battle with Trigon, which will not only determine their fates, but the fate of the universe.


The world has been taken over by trigon completely now that Raven has surrendered to her destiny as a portal that brings her evil father Trigon to Earth to conquer it. The remaining Titans are searching for a way to bring her back so they may find a way to defeat Trigon and save the universe.

The battles that Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are fighting against their evil clones are proving to be some of the most arduous and tough fights they have ever endured. They know they must continue so that Trigon's attention stays on them and not on Robin, who is busy searching for Raven. Nega Starfire escapes from the battle long enough to reveal the Titans' plan to Trigon. Trigon simply replies that he already knew about their plan (before they even thought of it). The demon then explains that the depth of his power is incomprehensible to the Titans, and though some remnant of Raven exists, the Raven they knew is gone forever, and thus their mission is of no threat to him.

Meanwhile, Robin tries to comfort the childlike Raven he has found, saying he is there to take her back. Raven seems to have no memory of him and tries to flee from him deeper into the cavern. Robin keeps up with her and manages to gain her trust by saying he can bring her back.

Elsewhere underground, Slade continues the search for his human body. He comes to a large metal door with a Mark of Skath that is guarded by a hulking stone-like guard with a metal mask and a big axe. The guard tells him that what he seeks may not be recovered, but Slade, with nothing else to lose, insists the guard let him through, thus ensuing a fight between the two.

As the tide of the battle above ground starts to turn against the Teen Titans, Starfire suggests that, since they can't defeat themselves, maybe they could defeat each other. They then switch opponents; Cyborg defeats Nega Beast Boy, Starfire defeats Nega Cyborg, and Beast Boy defeats Nega Starfire. The clones then turn into wisps of red energy that return to each of the Titans' bodies, resulting in the Titans' victory. However, Trigon himself approaches them and states that their victory was pointless, since all they did was prolong their suffering. He then sends a herd of fire demons on them, and the Titans retreat.

As Robin carries Raven back the way they came he tells her a story. Robin says Raven was good, brave, and a wonderful friend. Even though she fought for the good guys, she was always held back by the bad side lurking within her. Robin is interrupted by a horde of fire demons. He successfully escapes them while keeping the helpless Raven out of harm's way. Raven then addresses Robin by name and asks him why he is doing this. Robin confirms that she does indeed remember him and his friends. She recognizes the story Robin told her as if it were a nightmare and continues to believe that Trigon is unstoppable and nothing can be done. Her powers are gone now that Trigon no longer needs her and everything has been left hopelessly ruined. Robin says it may be the end of the world but everyone is still together and fighting. Raven cries out, "Look at me, Robin. There's nothing I can do. There isn't any hope!" He responds, "Then I guess I'll just have to have enough hope for the both of us." He puts Raven on his back and carries her to the surface.

Slade continues fighting the guard, but is at a significant disadvantage as he is impervious to most everything, including lava. The guard says that pure evil cannot be dominated by mortals, but Slade replies with, "Actually, I'm not such a nice guy myself." He pushes a detonator and a bomb he secretly planted on the door explodes, engulfing the guard and breaking open the door. Arrows of white light shoot out of the opening, one of them hitting Slade and restoring his human body. He welcomes the return of his flesh and blood, picks up the fallen guard's axe and heads for the exit.

The Titans fly through the air with Trigon's minions in pursuit. They shoot most of them down, but then Robin appears to finish them off. The Titans are overjoyed to see him, but their joy quickly turns into astonishment when they see Raven's child form. Also, Starfire reveals that the Ring of Azar that Slade gave her broke, dimming the others' hope of achieving victory. Just then, Trigon commands his army to expand throughout the universe and enslave everything until all bow before him.

Robin explains Raven's condition to the others and says the time has come for a final attack, "Him or us. All or nothing." Robin comforts Raven by saying she is no longer a slave to any prophecy and she will know what to do when the time comes. Trigon then finds them and the Titans assail him full on. Slade appears wielding the guard's ax and joins the strike as well. Raven watches in amazement as Trigon takes damage. Slade is eventually knocked out and the Titans are enveloped in a massive heat ray. Raven runs to her immobile teammates, begging them to get up. Trigon bids her farewell and unleashes another heat ray. Raven instinctively shields herself with her powers. Trigon disparages her powers, states that he is "her creator, her master" and that she exists only to serve him, and that she survives only because he allows it. Finally, he asks “What hope can a mere child have of defeating her all-powerful father?”

With that, Raven frowns before opening her eyes, which begin to glow right before she changes into her older self with a white robe. She forcibly denies any biological ties with him as she blasts him backwards with devastating bursts of white energy. Raven proclaims that Trigon was never anything of a father to her, rather the monks of Azarath and the Teen Titans whom she calls family. She gains power from this knowledge as the Titans stand with her. She screams out, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" and a monumental wave of white energy emanates from her, obliterating Trigon for good and washing over everything. The city is returned to the way it was before, The titan's citizens are unfrozen and the entire world is restored to life from Raven's power.

The Titans have no words for their friend. Raven throws her arms gratefully around Robin, thanking him for not giving up on her. Beast Boy is a little freaked out by this new smiling Raven, but she assures him that blue is her preferred garb and he is still not funny, much to his jubilation. Back at the Tower, they kick off a celebration while Robin has a moment with Raven by the window. Although Slade survived, they will be poised to stop him just as they always have been. Raven asks him how he keeps his hopes up even against impossible odds. Robin tells her that she is actually the most hopeful person he has ever known. Even though everyone knew she was doomed to an apocalyptic prophecy, she chose to hope for more and fought alongside the Teen Titans. Now Raven is free to live her life fully, unencumbered by any inner demons or premonitions.

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  • This episode was originally going to be the series finale: however, due to the unexpected popularity of the show, it was renewed for a fifth season.
  • At the very beginning of the episode, the recaps of parts 1 and 2 don't show exactly what had happened.
  • Silkie makes a cameo in the Tower while the Titans are celebrating.
  • When Starfire says she'll consume the french toast with 'gravy' and the 'butter of peanuts', Beast Boy comedically makes the ":P" face.
  • It is unknown what happened to Slade after he was knocked out of the fight. Raven later reveals that he has escaped, though it is uncertain as to how he managed to elude the Titans as he wasn't very far from them. However, it is possible he was never knocked unconscious, but rather escaped the scene during the fight.
  • It was never confirmed, but it is possible that when Raven reverted the Earth to the way it was, she also unfroze Terra from her stone form, as shown in "Things Change".
  • It is unclear if Raven destroyed Trigon or simply banished him back to his prison. Whatever the case may be, he apparently no longer has any influence upon her.
  • It is worth noting that Trigon's pure arrogance and overconfidence ultimately caused his own downfall; he had plenty of opportunities to wipe out the Titans but chose not to, merely stating their plans and existence presents quote "no threat".


  • Along with Parts 1 and 2, this is the first and only 3-part season finale.
  • This episode is technically Slade's final appearance in the show. He appears in "Things Change" as a robotic duplicate, however.
  • This is one of the few times (though not surprisingly) Raven suggested the Titans celebrate following a victory.
  • When Starfire says, "I am a rorfian zopgar", Cyborg doesn't understand, although he supposedly learned Tameranian in "Overdrive". It is possible that when the Max-7 was removed, his knowledge of the language disappeared. However, it is also likely he did understand, but was simply left speechless.

Cultural references

  • The scene when Beast Boy is fighting as a T-Rex, with his evil clone, a Spinosaurus, is a reference to a scene in the movie Jurassic Park III.


  • When Raven sees her fellow Titans unconscious and defeated, Robin is shown to be much farther away from the others. However, when Raven begins walking towards Trigon, Robin is suddenly laying directly in front of the other Titans.
    • Also, as Raven reverts back to her older self, she was seen directly next to Robin's body. However, as she walks towards her father, Raven was apparently further away from Robin.
  • When Beast Boy begins questioning if Raven is still herself, she was standing right next to Robin. Though, in the following wide-shot, Raven is suddenly further away.
  • When Raven hugs Robin, she seems much shorter than him, even though she is usually the same height as him.


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