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"The End - Part 1" is the fiftieth episode of the Teen Titans series and the eleventh episode of Season 4.


The day Raven has feared all her life is finally here; The Day She will End the World. Raven sees no hope in defeating Trigon so she decides to make the Titans' last day perfect. However, it's not long before they find out, they take Raven to a safety room to protect her while they fight off Slade and his minions. Will this be enough to stop the prophecy from coming true or will Raven give in to Trigon to save her friends?


The episode begins with Slade and Trigon having a conversation. Trigon tells Slade to bring Raven and he will get his promise. Slade accepts, thinking it's a beautiful day for the end of the world. Suddenly the scene switches to Raven in her room, just as the sun comes up. She wakes up and finds Trigon's symbol burning on her arms. She screams "No!", realizing that today is the day she will fulfill her destiny to become the portal for Trigon to enter the Earth, therefore causing an end to the life of all its inhabitants. Raven goes out to the rooftop and watches the sunrise. As she watches Robin comes up, and they have a moment. She decides to be extra nice to her teammates and try to make their last day the best ever. She makes pancakes for breakfast, though she isn’t such a good cook, but Robin quietly told Cyborg and Beast Boy to be nice about it, because he could tell Raven was really trying to be nice. Starfire said the pancakes reminded her of a dish at Tamaran, and Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin gave their pancakes to her. The alarm signifies an attack, and they leave.

As they battle Plasmus, Raven stops Robin from hitting a building. He says "Thanks! I owe you one!" and Raven quietly mumbles, "Yeah. Sure." She protects all her teammates during the battle, and ends up defeating Plasmus. Raven later takes the team out for pizza, and Robin mentions that she's being quiet today. She takes them to the park and suggest some activities to do. She states that they have a lot to do until sunset. Suddenly, a solar eclipse happens and blocks the sun. Raven is tossed around by an invisible force, and as her teammates look at her arm, they see the mark of Trigon. She passes out and comes to, scolded by her teammates; 'Why didn't you tell us today's the day?' Her teammates realize that she is destined to become the portal so the earth will be destroyed, and immediately take her to a quarantine room, which they constructed without Raven's knowledge. Raven says over and over that it's hopeless, but her team refuses to give up. This room was built to keep out anything ranging from villains to evil spirits. Robin says that even if something happens, the rest of the Titans will be watching from an observation room above her. Before leaving her alone, Beast Boy gives her a penny for good luck and she says "All the luck in the world won't help us now."

Raven meditates and Trigon makes contact with her mind as Slade appears outside the tower, with a group of fire demons. After threatening to hurt Raven's friends, Trigon makes Raven come out of the tower and go with Slade. Her team tries to stop her, but she knocks them out and leaves. While they walk to the place where Raven must summon Trigon, she warns Slade that she knows her father, and that Trigon will not keep whatever promise he made to him. Slade doesn't believe this and says that Raven is merely a pawn in Trigon's plan. Then Raven remarks that they have that in common, and once Slade's purpose is done, he will be irrelevant. This angers Slade and he starts to ignite in flames, only to be grabbed by the fire demons. Slade orders them to release him, but they ignore him. Raven then realizes that Slade is already insignificant as even his own army won't listen to him. The Fire Demons release him and leave him there on Raven's orders.

Raven summoning her father, Trigon.

The Titans soon recover from the knockout and decide one last time to stop Raven from fulfilling her destiny. Slade confronts Trigon and demands his repayment. Trigon refuses, saying the gem has returned on her own free will. Slade reminds him about the deal. Trigon however doesn't care and just laughs at him. Enraged, Slade starts throwing fireballs at Trigon, which doesn't harm him at all. Trigon then takes his powers away and Slade seemingly vanishes. The Titans reach Raven and once again try to convince her saying that no one knows their destiny. She agrees by telling them she didn't know she could make such wonderful friends and that she wanted to make their last day perfect only to have them worry about her the entire time. Robin holds her hand and tells her "That's what friends do." But Raven says "And as my friends you have to let me go". Then she traps them to prevent them from stopping her, as they try to stop her she proceeds to open the portal. Raven then sacrificed herself to summon Trigon. Then Trigon emerges from it.


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  • Silkie makes a cameo in the episode, appearing next to Starfire when she claims the last pizza will be hers.
  • The burnt pancakes look like chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips in them.
  • When Slade's army attacks, Beast Boy turns into the same werebeast creature seen in the episode "The Beast Within".
  • Raven truly expresses how much she cared about and valued her friends this episode. While nearly giving up all hope, she secretly retained some hope that her friends were capable of stopping her father, and so imbued them with some of her power to give them one last chance to save the world.
  • Raven was not rude at all or made any sarcastic comments like she usually does throughout this episode, purposely done to make her friends' last day perfect.
    • In fact, she only does her usual sarcastic tone once and only once, when Plasmus sneezes on Beast Boy.
  • When the Titans finally witness Raven becoming the portal, Starfire turns to Robin and appears to cry on his shoulder.


  • This was the second episode where Raven is seen crying, the first time being in "Spellbound".
  • This marks the first episode that reveals Raven's ability to astral project.
  • This episode was the first and only time Cyborg merged with Titans Tower.
  • This was also the second and last time Stank Ball was mentioned in the series.


Raven’s deformed arm.

  • During the shots where Raven is seen crying after she collapses in the park, her right arm is shown to be deformed, either being way too short or bent unnaturally.

Cultural references

  • The lucky penny Beast Boy gives to Raven reads "Liberty 1964". Coincidentally, that is the same year of the first publication of the Teen Titans in "The Brave and the Bold #54, July 1964". It may also symbolize the friendship between the two.


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